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Rodney Jerkins Introduction
Rodney Jerkins is one of the best producers in the business, he has accomplished so much in such a little time. He has worked with the biggest names in contemporary music. He was responsible for sky rocketing Brandy & Monicas careers with "The Boy Is Mine". He launched Jennifer Lopez singing career with "If You Had My Love". He was responsible for bringing back Michael Jackson with "You Rock My World" and went on to produce the majority of his "Invincible" album. You may be thinking you havent heard a lot from him recently well he is focusing on discovering new artists. He has recently signed a production & distribution deal with Cash Money so hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of him soon.

Welcome To My Darkchild Website

I have set this website up because the official site does not give enough information & now they have shut the message forum there is no place for Darkchild fans to get information from. I also set this up because the Darkchild team have been out of the lime light recently and people are already writing them off as has beens so its here to promote Rodney and Fred Jerkins. I want everyone who comes to this site to help me out with it as well and let me know if you hear any news on the Darkchild crew, any new tracks or projects you know that they are involved in. The information I get is from the internet and friends so if you here anything mail me. If you want to keep in contact with the rest of the Darkchild fans please visit my new forum in the links section. Tell any Darkchild fans you know about it and let's get it as busy as the official one used to be, I have also added a chat room SO check in and see if any of the other fans are about.

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Latest News:

11th January 2006

Rodney Jerkins is more or less done on the Hurricane Katrina charity song. He is just waiting on Mariah Carey & Mary J Blige. The others confirmed for it are Brandy, Ray J, Sledge Sisters, Mary Mary, Ciara & Bebe Winans.

9th January 2006

Fats will be releasing his album this month on his label, but as a duo project called Fats & Bathgate. The album inclues the track which was orginally going to be his debut single "Stand Up". It is not clear whether any of the other Darkchild tracks recorded when he was with Darkchild.

In other news it is reported that Rodney Jerkins may be going in the studio with my brand new powerhouse Keyshia Cole.

13th December 2005

There is a rumour going round that Rodney Jerkins maybe becoming the vice president of Def Jam Records. I am yet to find out if there are any truth in the rumours. I will keep you posted.

5th December 2005

Lots of news on Rodney at the moment. The name of the rumoured track on the new Mary J Blige album is "Enough Crying". It is said to be one of Mary's favourite tracks from the album.

Another big project he is currently working on is for Hurricane Katrina. It is a cover of Sister Sledge's classic "We Are Family" & will feature many artists including Ciara, Chris Brown, Ray J, George Clinton, May Mary, Be Be Winans and many more.

He is also said to in the studio with Kelly Rowland & beyonce for their solo projects.

7th November 2005

Joy Enriquez's website is up and running. The name of her album will be "Atmosphere Of Heaven" her first single will be "Get To Know Him". I know some are disappointed she has taken the christian route, but a source of mine has informed me that it may possibly be a double album. 1 Disc christian, the other R&b....We'll just have to see.

I have also been informed on some of the artists Rodney may be going in the studio with in the next coming months. Beyonce, Tamia, Jamie Foxx, Mya, Whitney Houston, Jasper & Keli & Jeanie. So keep your eye out it's gonna be hot.

In other news Ray J went into the UK charts this week at a  disappointing 26. It's his first single release in the UK.

2nd November 2005

It has been confirmed that the rumoured Darkchild track "Grown Man" will be featured on Avant's new album.

17th October 2005

It turns out another version of Twista's "So Lonely" (Darkchild Produced) has been recorded. This version will be Mariah singing the entire song. The track will also appear in the re-issued "Emancipation Of Mimi" along with a few other new tracks including more productions from Jermiane Dupri.

In other news clips of some more Mrs Jerkins tracks have appeared (Joy Enriquez). The tracks are called "Get to know Him" & "Been So Good". It appears Joy's album will be a christian project. All tracks have been added to the discography.

11th October 2005

Thanks to Lenox in the forum a couple more Darkchild tracks have surfaced. The first track is called "Can I live" and features the amazing vocals of Lashawn Daniels produced by Freddie. The second track is called "Follow T" with Rodney handling production.

10th October 2005

I have received an email from Anesha Birchett's sister Antea Birchett. She is also signed with Darkchild as a writer along with her friend producer Chip Dixon. They all hail from Detroit.

in other news it is confired George Huff will have 2 Darkchild tracks on his new album. "Brighter Days" & banger "Real Love". Hot tracks look out for them on his debut album.

Also another Darkchild track was recorded with Destiny's Child for the "Destiny Fulfilled" album that did not make the cut called "Feel The Same Way I Do". The track will now be appearing on their greatest hits album.

6th October 2005

Another Atiba track has leaked. By the way it is going the whole album will have leaked before it is even released. The track is called "Flossin" and features Frankie of Official & Rodney Jerkins himself.

27th September 2005

Alot of people's dreams have come true. Mariah Carey has finally been laced with a Darkchild production. Well in fact it is actually Twista's track called "So Lonely" featuring Mariah. It has been posted in the forum. Check it out!

26th September 2005

It seems Fred Jerkins may be making a bit of a come back. With producing George Huff's new single he also has a track on Darwin Hobbs new urban gospel album called "Let Him In". I have added it to the disography.

22nd September 2005

It seems Darkchild had their hand in another track on the new Ray J album. "Anytime" was co-produced by Darkchild. I have added it to the discography. 

19th September 2005

After being signed with Beatclub / Universal one of the most underrated artists has moved to another label. Kiley Dean has signed to Bungalo / Universal. She will now be label mate of Rodney Jerkins & the Darkchild artists. Rumour has it they may be recording together.

In other news thanks to faisal in the forum apparently Britney's husband Kevin Federline has recorded a track called "You Don't Know" with Rodney Jerkins. It has been revealed by the webmaster of Kevin's website and will be releasing the clips then. It apparently is similar the "Lose My Breath". I will add it to the discography when it has been heard.

16th September 2005

Ray J's track listings are official. Darkchild have 4 tracks on the album. The tracks we knew were "Keep Sweatin" & "One Wish". The additional tracks are "What I Need" & "Let's Play House".

In other news the untitled Darkchild track did not make the Pussycat Dolls album but & a new track from Atiba called "Talk To Me" has surfaced.

9th September 2005

Thanks to Chris79 in the forum it seems as though George Huff from American Idol has been in the studio with Freddie Jerkins recording a song called "Brighter Day" which is said to be the first single off the album.

I have added it to the discography.

7th September 2005

Apologies for there been no updates recently. Everthing appears to have gone quiet on the Darkchild front.

Just want to say thanks to mafiabenamor in the forum for discovering a new Atiba track produced by Darkchild called "Sound Bway Burrial", it has been added to the discography.

In other news it appears that the forum on has been shut down, no doubt because of all the abuse going on in there. Just to let you know the forum in here is always open and please everyone try and sign in when you message.

15th August 2005

Rodney Jerkins is currently in the studio with teen duo Jasper & Kelli. They are currently signed to "Trans Continental Records". It is not yet clear how many tracks Darkchild will be making with them.

14th August 2005

A song has surfaced which has a definate Darkchild feel to it. I am pretty sure it is. It is rumoured to be Tyra Banks. The track is called"Baby". I have not yet added it to the discography as I like to be sure before doing that. If anyone has any further information please let me know.

28th July 2005

Brandy has confirmed she is going back in the studio with Rodney Jerkins. MTV caught up with her and brother Ray J at the movie premier of "Hustle & Flow". "I'm probably going to get back in with Rodney and map something out with him" she said. "But for now, I'm just warming up my voice and just getting my creative juices flowing". She is now signed to Ray J's label Knockout Entertainment.

In other Norwood family news Ray J's Darkchild produced "One Wish" is now going to be the lead single of his up and coming album Raydiation. "That song is about to change my life" Ray J said about his new single "I'm really showing vocal ability from Ray J that people haven't really heard before, so it's gonna be real, something new & something real positive". The video was directed by Mr X.

26th July 2005

It turns out that there are going to be 2 Darkchild tracks on the upcoming B5 album which will be released on Bad Boy Records. Darkchild produced the debut single "All I Do", but he also worked the track "So Pretty". The album is due to be released next month.

21st July 2005

Another Darkchild track has surfaced this week. It is another track from Darkchild artist Atiba Martin. The track is called "Irene", I have added it to the discography.

20th July 2005 have revealed the track listing of the Versatility album which is available for download if you become a platinum member.

All tracks have been added to the discography.

19th July 2005

Another Darkchild track has surfaced. The track is called "Stay In Ya Lane", by the self proclaimed princess of Roc Teairra Mari who is currently blowing up the scene with her debut single "Make Her Feel Good". Check it out in the forum it has been posted.

7th July 2005

Thanks to there are 2 more Shamari Fears tracks that will be on her album. They are "The One" & "NJ 2". I have added them to the Discography.

20th June 2005

Thanks to ROMALIS in the forum another unreleased Darkchild track has surfaced. It is by Lil' Eddie and is called "She's Got It". The track has a similar feel to Ray J's "Keep Sweatin'".

16th June 2005

BIG BIG NEWS!! has been updated and the site is looking good. Firstly there is another new artist signed to Darkchild and that is Shamari Fears who is the former lead singer of Blaque.

There are 4 new tracks Asia Lee's "Wishing you were here". There is Anesha Burchett "Get Ready" & Joy Enriquez's "It's So Funny" both featuring Mase. Joy has also recorded a track called "Irreplacable You". Rodney also got a track called "RJ Go Go Music". There are clips on the website. All tracks have been added to discography.

Please guys keep visiting this site, I mean the Darkchild site is looking amazing of which I cannot compete with, but I've stuck with this coming up to 2 years now and would hate to see all the work go to waste.

1st June 2005

It is looking like the Darkchild produced "Step Into My World" by Jennifer Lopez is set to be the third single of the album "Rebirth"

18th May 2005

With all the scandal going on with American Idol contestant Corey Clark & Paula Abdul I have found out some information. He is signed to Bungalow / Universal Records home to Darkchild Records. Apparently he has recorded a reply to Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath". With Corey being signed to Bungalow I am under the presumption that this was produced by Darkchild. The track is called "Look What You've Done To Me". I will not add it to the discography until this has been confirmed.

I have also found out that Latoya Jackson is signed to Bungalow which leads me to believe there is some truth in the rumour that Darkchild has been working with her.  

17th May 2005

It is confirmed that Ray J's first single off his album Raydiation will be "Quit Actin", but will be a double A side with "Keep Sweatin".

Also it has been confirmed that his second single will be the Darkchild produced "One Wish", he will be shooting the video in the next few weeks.  

13th May 2005

Just to let you guys know it is rumoured that Rodney will be helping La Toya Jackson out with her album due this year. Not sure how much truth is in the rumour, but will try and keep you informed.

10th May 2005

It is official Anesha Birchett is a Darkchild artist. She has signed with Darkchild Records / Universal. Look out for her debut single featuring Mase soon.

So artists signed to Darkchild now are Joy Jerkins, Atiba Martin, Asia Lee & Anesha Birchett.

9th May 2005

Thanks to TRU101 in the forum. Up & coming gospel artist Anesha Birchett will be working with Rodney Jerkins. It says she is signed to a major label & according to TRU101 is signed to Darkchild's label. I will try and find out some more information.

27th April 2005

Just to let you guys know the Darkchild produced Destiny's Child track "Gots My Own" is featured as a B-Side on UK version of the single "Girl".

25th April 2005

Thanks to RO-MALIS in the forum we have discovered another Darkchild track. It is recorded by former Darkchild artist K Young. From the sound of it, it could have been recorded for the album he was going to release when we he was signed to Darkchild / Sony.

8th April 2005

Mary J Blige is back in the studio recording her next album. It has been reported that she is back working with Rodney Jerkins. It is not confirmed what the track is called yet. She is also working with Dre & Vidal, Swizz Beatz & Kanye West.

7th April 2005

There is a Brandy interview on the internet, but not sure if it's real Brandy is reported to have said "I'm working with Rodney & the Darkchild camp again, it's very refreshing to be in the lab with him again. We've both learned to be a lot less opinionated and that has reinforced our bond with each other". She also stated she was working with Timbaland, Neptunes, Mike City, Rockwilder, Red Spyda & Rich Harrison.

Will keep you updated.

15th March 2005

The forum has been down for a few days now, I am trying to establish what the problem is with the host. If it proceeds I will enquire about a new forum.

9th March 2005

Go to the links section their is clips of 2 new Ray J tracks produced by Rodney Jerkins. The tracks are "Keep Sweatin'" & "One Wish". Go to the forum and post your thoughts.

In other news the Darkchild team have been working on urban gospel artist Lil iRocc's album. Freddie penned banger "We Get" & Rodney joins him on "IOU" with the vocals of Delisha Thomas.

3rd March 2005

There is a new rumoured Darkchild track by Britney Spears called "The Lord Above 4 Blessin'". I am pretty sure that this is fake. I have seen the track listing and the tracks are not believable. Also I was unaware she has enough time to record an album. I will not be adding it to the discography.

11th February 2005

Just to let you guys know it is rumoured that Jason Weaver is back in the studio with Rodney & the Darkchild team.

8th February 2005

Check out the links sectjon now there is a link to Taylor Dayne's darkchild produced track "Right Now". It's a pop track with a rock edge. Reminscent of Anastacia.

1st February 2005

I have discovered one of the song titles for Joy Enriquez's album. The track is called "In The Moment" and it is written by Joy & Rodney. It seems as though she will be going by the name "Joy Jerkins".

31st January 2005

Taylor Dayne performed her new track "Right Now" produced by Rodney Jerkins on the show "The View". She describes the song as been about taking control of your life. This is going to be her come back single.

It has also been confirmed that the Darkchild track for B5 "All I Do" is going to be their debut single.

27th January 2005

Just to inform you of a track missing off the Discography. It is by K Young called "It's Over". It was recorded for K Young's original album for Darkchild records on Sony.

In other news it is rumoured that Destiny's Child's next single will be the Darkchild produced "Cater 2 u".

25th January 2005

It is rumoured that Darkchild has a new signing. The artist is called Atiba. He has recorded a track called "Dappa Don". Look out for that soon.

20th January 2005

"Versatility" is available on ebay at the moment. I cannot confirm whether this is genuine or not just yet. It says it includes 3 tracks. "Shockwave" (Featuring Ativa Martin), "Wake Up Call" & "Shake It For Me". I will not add it to the discography just yet until I can confirm it's genuine.

17th January 2005

It seems Rodney was incorrect in thinking that J Lo's next single would be a Darkchild production. Her next single its going to be "Hold You Down" featuring Fat Joe.

14th January 2005

Thanks to RO-MALIS in the forum a new Darkchild track has surfaced. It is by rapper Cory Gunz. The track is called "Shake" and it has been posted in the forum.  

12th January 2005

Rodney Jerkins has been talking again about his new projects. Rodney is organising a competition. Rappers and singers will be able to record their vocals over the Darkchild instrumentals from the album "Versatility" (Which he plans to release later this year), the winner will get signed to Darkchild Records. He is also toying with the idea of releasing an album of the best entries.

He has also revealed the name of the track he produced for Bad Boy act B5. The track is called "All I Do". It is a remake of the Jackson 5 hit "All I Do Is Think Of You" which Troop had a hit with in the early nineties.

He also talked about Joy's project saying:

"Right after we got married, we went on our Honeymoon and it was so beautiful I was in inspired to write. I asked permission, Of Course I said "Baby, is it ok if I bring the piano in?" And so I began to write,and the songs that I was writing were very soulful. I was so inspired by the marriage that I could not have it no other way than for it to be live. I need the horns, Live bass, live guitar.It can't be synthetic, it can't sound like a program, cause it doesn't have that kind of feeling."

Rodney has also signed the New Jersey Marching band he used on "Lose My Breath" and has renamed them "Darkchild Marching Band". Saying "We'll be getting a lot of rythyms from them and doing different things in the future".

11th January 2005

Happy new year everybody. First piece of news for 2005 the track produced by Darkchild for tcalled "Drop That Heater". It is a club track on the same tempo as "Lose My Breath".

This is gonna be a big year for Darkchild!!!

16th December 2004

Here is an indepth interview with Rodney Jerkins on what he is currently up to and how he makes his music. He reveals that he is currently working with Carlos Santana & Toni Braxton......

At 27, Rodney Jerkins has a list of credits as a producer, musician and songwriter that could make an industry veteran's head spin. He has been unleashing chart-topping singles since he was a teenager, building up a resume that includes Platinum artists such as Whitney Houston, Brian McKnight, Britney Spears, *NSYNC, the Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesias, Jessica Simpson and Will Smith. He has several soundtracks under his belt, including Honey, My Baby's Daddy and Scary Movie 3; owns Grind Factory, his Los Angeles studio; and oversees his own label, Darkchild Records, where he finds, signs and produces new talent.

A self-made success story, Jerkins is a multi-instrumentalist with the Midas touch when it comes to creating hits. Based in Orlando, Fla., he's currently the "It" man on industry wish lists, and to hear him speak, he has only scratched the surface of what he plans to accomplish. Today, he's settled into a familiar spot: Number One on the charts with the new Destiny's Child single, "Lose My Breath," from their latest album, Destiny Fulfilled.

How does technology allow you to collaborate with artists while in Orlando, given that so much of your business is in Los Angeles and New York?

It's so awesome, because I finished the Destiny's Child record and Tony Maserati mixed the first song in California. He does all my mixes, but it's hard for me to be there, so we did it all by Internet with no MP3s and just full-bandwidth downloads. MP3 is not the clearest format, so we do it so we can download. It's really rough! I've been doing this professionally for 11 years and I've been able to catch both sides of the world: great analog and the digital wave. Stuff where you had to be there, you can now do by phone and e-mail.

Do you prefer digital to analog?

I like digital because it's a lot cleaner, but I love the warmth of analog. There's nothing like Neve EQs and analog mixes on vocals and tracks. It makes everything warm and Pro Tools is not able to capture the true essence of analog yet. Sometimes I use both. We record everything in Pro Tools. The last time I used analog was on Michael Jackson in 2000 [Invincible]. He was a little scared of Pro Tools. We tried to get him to use it, but he didn't want to go that route yet and I understand: He came from the school of analog. But experimenting with new toys keeps you ahead of the game.

The dance and remix markets have begun incorporating real instruments into tracks. Have you been doing this?

Yes. I started before they did. My path has been to always have syncopated rhythms live, orchestras live, sample sounds over driven beats. Lately, I'm doing a lot of stuff on my wife Joy [Enriquez]'s album with live piano, drums, bass. People want real music again.

What's your take on the market?

When I was in California, I was looking for a studio to rent for a while. I was working on film projects and seeing major studios for sale took me by surprise. They [had purchased] million-dollar boards, and then Pro Tools came along and made it easier to make great-sounding records. You could use a $20,000 Sony or Mackie board, or any small unit, and still get great quality. I'm not saying it's better than an SSL, but it's quality where the ear on the street can't tell the difference. A kid listening to the radio doesn't know if you mixed on an SSL or a Mackie board. I have friends who aren't in the music industry who have Pro Tools in their homes just to experiment with because you can get it for under $800. Everybody wants to produce or make beats because it's so simple and cheap. Everyday people can make a record. I used to get a lot of noisy 4-track and 8-track demos. Now I get demos that sound like records, and they did them at home with Pro Tools.

What are you working on now?

I finished Destiny's Child, Kierra Sheard ["You Don't Know," from her Number One gospel debut, I Owe You] and I'm mixing Versatility, my instrumental album of hip hop, jazz, gospel, dance hall, pop and R&B. I'm playing all the instruments, and I'm doing it for the DJs, producers and samplers. Young producers want samples and they get cheesy sounds from sample CDs. I know, I was one of those kids. Now they'll have something to sample, and it's a way for DJs and the film industry to license music for film, commercials and clubs. People can sing or rap on it. It's something I plan to do every year.

I'm working on stuff for J-Lo and Toni Braxton, and a rapper/hip hop artist named Asia Lee. I'm writing a song for Carlos Santana. I'm working from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m. every day.

Tell me about your studio Grind Factory and your label Darkchild Records.

Darkchild is an imprint distributed by Bungalo/Universal. Grind Factory is my West Coast studio. I call it Grind Factory because grind means work hard and don't rest. Don't expect to lounge out and watch TV there. It's been open since June 2003. Darkchild is in New Jersey, but I do a lot of work out of L.A. I tap into a lot of film projects and that's the main reason that I needed my own place. I spend maybe half the year in Florida, off and on.

You have accomplished so much at such a young age. What makes this possible?

God gets all the glory. I can't take the credit. I was born with a gift from God, and I know it's a gift because not everyone has it, so it has to be God. I feel I have only accomplished one-tenth of what I'm going to accomplish. I have so much more to do. I feel I'm just starting, but starting with the experience of a veteran who has been doing it for over 10 years.

It's no secret that you have cars, mansions, plenty of material possessions. Based upon your background you were raised a strict Pentecostal, your father is a Reverend how do you balance this with your beliefs?

My background keeps me humble. A great family reminds you of where you came from. Things are just things. I serve God, and if I'm constantly on my knees, praying daily and worshipping God, I seek Him. Houses and cars are just extra blessings. God blesses me because I have not ignored Him, I have only adored Him. I'm in His will, and no music industry can take that away from me.

When you work with me, there's no drinking, no smoking, no cursing, and if you don't like it, don't work with me. I serve God, who created all this and can give it or take it away. A lot of men work to get rich. I'm happy to be rich in Christ first.

As a songwriter, producer and musician, how do you keep from overstepping your boundaries in the studio?

When I produce, I'm there to make the best thing happen for that artist and give them all I can. Even if they can't sing a lick, I have to make it happen. I've worked with some of the worst singers in the world, but we've had success with them, and at the end of the day, the record company is like, "Wow! How did you get these vocals out of them?" A lot of Pro Tools and [Antares] Auto-Tune. You've got to have a lot of patience. I want the artist to sweat and be mad and say things about me under their breath. Nothing comes easy to get to greatness. My name is going on that record, and I want people to listen to it and say, "Did you hear that song?" It's about hard work and discipline.

How did you get into production?

My brother [Fred, a writer/producer who now works with Jerkins and independently] produced a lot of stuff locally when I was 10. I started asking him questions and he'd teach me. I fell in love with Teddy Riley's sound, the New Jack Swing. I wasn't a whiz kid, but I believed in myself and that I could accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. I never gave up on my dream.

What is your definition of a producer?

It's being able to coach the vocals, know the board and equipment and tell the engineer what I want. So many people say they're producers just because they can make a beat. Don't call yourself a producer if you're not one. A music producer knows which note is flat or sharp, what to sustain, what should be staccato or legato, how to record and mix a record. A real producer can be left alone in the studio with the equipment and come out with a hit record.

Tell me about your working relationship with your engineer, Jeff Villaneuva.

He's the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Even with a Grammy or a Number One hit on Billboard, you need a team, and for two years I had the wrong team. I met Jeff at a conference where I was speaking. I had him come over to assist on a session and the first thing that caught me was his spirit. He's more than an engineer; he's a friend. I'm going to push him to be one of the best engineers in the world.

How did you establish yourself as a producer?

I had a Number 12 R&B song with Gina Thompson and the phone rang. Then I had a Number 2 single with Mary J. Blige, Number 4 with Joe I was about 18 years old. But when I had a Number One across the board with Brandy and Monica ["The Boy Is Mine"], 14 weeks at Number One, the phone would not stop ringing. That's what a hit does. God bless people who just want to make records, but I'm not excited unless I have a single or a hit. It excites me to know I gave a hit to someone. It gets my blood pumping. That's what I call your own personal standard, what you accomplish. I try to keep the bar at a high level. I want to be top-notch every time I set foot in the studio. It's not just a record or a song it's part of my legacy.

How is it different producing someone like Vanessa Williams vs., say, an artist who is all about beats and effects and whose vocal ability is almost secondary?

I mix the beauty with the funk. It's as simple as that. A perfect combination is the Beauty and the Beast. For Toni Braxton and Vanessa Williams, I do beautiful vocals with a beast track and the combination is perfect. It's something else, some grit, some dirt underneath and I take it to a whole new level. It mixes beautifully. I can't do something light that's nothing, especially if they've done it throughout their career. I've got to bring something new, some edge.

How did you become involved with the new Destiny's Child album?

I was supposed to go to London for a meeting and my wife argued with me about how she didn't feel it, so we went to New York for a couple of days. I bumped into [singer/songwriter] Beyonce [Knowles] in the hallway at Sony. I won a Grammy with Destiny's Child, so I said, "I heard you're in the studio," and gave her a CD. Two days later, I was back in the studio with them, and 30 days later, "Lose My Breath" was the top song in the country.

What were you listening to and for during those sessions?

The first song we did this time was reminiscent of "Say My Name," which we'd done before. It was good, but not great, and greatness means not repeating history but making history, so I created a marching band type of thing on the spot. It just happens that way sometimes.

How do you know when it's right?

It's just a feeling you get. That feeling you just know, "We got it!" We write every day, but there are always those [projects] that stick out. You get excited and you're almost ready to celebrate on the spot because you know the potential. That's how it was when we finished the new Destiny's Child.

You've commented before that there is a Rodney Jerkins sound. How do you repeat the success of that sound from project to project without sounding the same?

You have to reinvent yourself constantly and that's a task. You create a sound and everybody calls you for that sound, for the hit you have on the charts. "You want a duplicate of what I just did?" "Along those lines, but different." You have to take things you've done in the past and add something new. Sometimes it's hard. Sometimes I nail it. Everybody will fight you, wanting what you did before even when you don't want to give it to them.

What do you use to create that sound?

A Pro Tools hard drive system, an SSL board and KRK speakers in L.A., a Sony DMX board and Augspurger speakers in Florida. My outboard gear and keyboards are all the same. I use a Moog for bass, a [Korg] microKORG synthesizer and a Tascam GigaStudio for a lot of my sound. I have Roland Fantom 3080s, 2080s I've got them all. I have 11 3080s. For mics, I use a Telefunken, a Sony C800 and lately I'm using a BLUE Kiwi. It's clear, like the Sony, but warmer. I've wanted to start a mic collection but I never had the chance. I was always into keyboards and synthesizers; now I want a lot of old classic mics.

Can you create a rough sketch of how "Lose My Breath" was cut?

I love to start with a melody chord progressions, sounds, whatever and work rhythm after melody. I create beats later. When I write, I challenge the writing. We'll do 20 different choruses or verses and I pick the best. Twenty bridges. I preach to writers and producers: You have to challenge yourself. My best grooves come fast, but writing and melody I spend a lot of time on and really perfect it. "Lose My Breath" was tracked fully with all the parts: chorus, verse, B sections. The track is cut and they sing over it. You can have a great track, but if the lyrics or the melody aren't great, it's not a great song. It was awkward working with them this time. Last time, they were all there. This time, we did it one girl at a time. Beyonce Kelly [Rowland] and Michelle [Williams] were in different rooms and were physically all together one time. And they all did their vocals in the control room, not the vocal booth. They said it was more comfortable. I said, "You could have saved money and done it at home!" It wasn't hard because I had worked with them before and I know their capabilities, but it was awkward because I had to sit and wait, sometimes for hours, for someone to finish upstairs, and when you're in the zone, you want to keep going. They had so much to do that week. They were in other rooms with different producers to get three songs done a day.

Do you ever become frustrated when you can't get it after a certain number of takes?

Yes, because sometimes you say, "Do it again, again, again," and you think it will happen and the artist will nail it, but they don't. You have to get on the computer and manipulate it to make it work. I'm from the old school and I think Pro Tools can make people lazy. It's superb in cleaning things up, but I can tell when there is no realness to it. I hear it as a producer. When I listen to an album, I hear the Pro Tools, the Auto-Tune.

Do artists and producers today rely too much on technology? There was no Pro Tools when Marvin Gaye did it!

Marvin, Aretha, the Jackson 5, Mahalia Jackson they just had a mic and a board and they were making it happen. The true integrity of music is definitely gone. I hope to be a pioneer of our generation and bring some of it back.

Engineer Jeff Villaneuva on Working With Rodney Jerkins:

Only six years after completing his associate's degree from Full Sail, the multimedia, engineering and music production school in Winter Park, Fla., Orlando native Jeff Villaneuva became the right-hand man to superproducer Rodney Jerkins, joining him a year ago as Pro Tools engineer. It started with a chance meeting at an ASCAP event in Orlando, where Villaneuva boldly introduced himself, followed by an invitation to work on a recording session at Jerkins' home studio and culminated in Villaneuva's personal manager, Rick Adams of Image 3 Management, negotiating a hiring deal between Villaneuva and Jerkins.

Prior to becoming part of the Darkchild family, Villaneuva interned at Crescent Moon Studio in Miami and then at Crawford Communications, a post-production house in Atlanta. He returned to Florida to intern for Soundarama, was hired by an upcoming studio called Underdog and later worked with Lauryn Hill in Miami. Now he works exclusively with Jerkins.

"I'm one of Rodney's engineers," says Villaneuva. "He also has a staff in New Jersey. I travel with him everywhere and I also do a lot of research on equipment and new technology, samplers, staying on top of Pro Tools systems and making sure, technically, that everything is possible for him and everything is smooth any time he can create.

"We work as a tag-team. I'm with him as much as possible through the actual creation of any track. A lot of times, I'm on the Tascam GigaStudio, which is their newest sampler, looking for sounds and getting them ready to go. Once the music is created, we automatically go to Pro Tools and do rough mixes on the track before the artist gets there. At that point, we start recording and Rodney gives me a lot of freedom for miking techniques. I used AKG C-12 mics for vocals on Destiny's Child.

"I like to keep outboard gear very simple; less is definitely better. I use a Neve 1081 preamp into a Tube-Tech compressor, directly into Pro Tools|HD Accel 6.4, bypassing the SSL 9000 J Series console. I'm there throughout the recording to do editing, pasting and tuning vocals. We strive to get as close as possible to a final mix without even starting the mixing process so that it's almost complete."

Villaneuva admits that he lives, eats and breathes Pro Tools. "The trend in the industry for people my age is to not work a lot with tape machines," he says, "so digital is my way to go, but I also use a lot of analog outboard gear mainly tube compressors.

"I strive for speed and efficiency on edits, keeping the artist moving with minimal time between punching in tracks. I often set up a template with 20 tracks for backgrounds, so I'm editing at the same time as we're recording to keep waiting time minimal for Rodney and the artist. It helps me out, because at the end of the session, all I have to do is back up after a long day."

Villaneuva was involved in three Destiny's Child tracks on the new album: "Cater to You," "Lose My Breath" and "Gots My Own." "Lose My Breath" came together at 3:30 a.m. and despite the unusual hour, Villaneuva thoroughly enjoyed the project. "When we were actually doing the song with the girls, everything was done on the fly from creating the music to writing the lyrics," he says. "Rodney is a melody king and a producer who can pick melodies and riffs, so a lot of times, we'd go in and lay down quick ideas. He'd say, ‘I like that, let's take this part.’ Just by doing everything spontaneously, he already has a vision of how it should sound, which makes my job easier.

"The girls were very involved, too. They collaborate a lot with Rodney and there is a chemistry going on. They were very relaxed and trusted him with their sound. When each one came in to do their parts, they had a feel for the song and were able to interpret it without having to worry about a bad mix or vocal paste since it was already done. They're very professional. They do their thing in one or two takes and work very quickly. They're perfectionists. Beyonce would cut a take, we'd hold it and she'd want to do it again. She'd top the one we were holding and would just floor everyone in the studio."

1st December 2004

Apparently Brandy is now signed to Jive / Zomba records. It is rumoured that she will release a new album next year and will be back working with Rodney Jerkins. The album will apparently be called "B Rocka" which is leading a few people to believe the news is fake as if you remember that was going to be the original title of "Afrodisiac".

17th November 2004

Just to give you an update on J Mathis. He is now with Fats on his label "Never Enough".

Will try get some more information.

13th November 2004

Yet another Darkchild track with Destiny's Child has surfaced. The track is called "Gots My Own". I believe this track is on the Japenese import it. 

10th November 2004

I have had it confirmed that Rodney has recorded with Marques Houston for his new album. Look out for that in the near future. Other tracks included on the set with be "The Jump Off" featuring the Ying Yang twins produced by up and coming Cory Bold.

9th November 2004

Thanks to Matt in the forum. It appears that Justin Timberlake may be going in the studio with Rodney Jerkins. Rodney is currently trying to shape something for him for his next project:

"I actually called Justin a couple weeks ago, I just took his address down and I'm gonna start saving little things here and there to let him know what we're trying to do, 'cause he's one of those projects that I wish I could get in from beginning to the end. He has an amazing talent and ability, but I don't think it's been brought out of him yet. I mean, he had a couple great songs, but there's something deeper that hasn't come out and he doesn't even know about yet."

8th November 2004

I have just had it confirmed that Rodney Jerkins also had a hand in producing another track on the Destiny's Child Album (Fulfilled) called "Cater 2 U". I have added it to the discography.

On the subject of Destiny's Child they shot into the UK charts at number 2 this week.  Keep requesting the song!!

I have also just got news that Christina Milian's next single will be the Darkchild produced "Get Loose". I have no release date confirmed yet, but will let you know as soon as I do.

3rd November 2004

Rodney has been talking with MTV about the new album here is a snippet from the article:

Rodney Jerkins, a veteran hitmaker who has so far produced two tracks for the as-yet-untitled album, said one of them, "You Got Me," is about Lopez and Anthony's relationship (see "Third Time Lucky? J. Lo Reportedly Marries Marc Anthony").

"From what I looked at on TV, from newspapers and everything, I just took that and created a song about it," Jerkins said. "It's basically saying, 'No matter what people say about relationships, about us, no matter what their view is, you got me and I got you.' That's the bottom line."

Jerkins' other collaboration with Lopez is called "Step Into My World." "It's basically just exploring J. Lo's world and what her world is all about," said Jerkins, who produced the singer/actress' breakthrough single, "If You Had My Love." "I heard it may even be the second single."

A spokesperson for Lopez's record label had no details about the album, but it's expected to be released in early 2005. It will be her fourth studio release and first since 2002's This Is Me ... Then.

"She's grown," Jerkins said. "She's gotten better vocally. She even shocked me."

So that is now three Darkchild tracks recorded for the new album.

1st November 2004

Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" is out in the UK today! Make sure all the UK fans go out and buy it. We need it to  beat Eminem & Britney to number 1!

30th October 2004

Rodney is back in the studio with Ray J. Here is Ray J & Rodney talking about it:

"I feel like if you rush anything, it's never complete and it's never, never what you want it to be," Ray J said last week from one of producer Rodney Jerkins' studios. "Taking your time with music is real important to me. I think whenever the feeling comes, that's when the hit comes, [even] if it doesn't come for two weeks or two months or two years. Whenever you find that chemistry with yourself and the people you're working with, that's when you should put records out."

After more than a year and a half of writing, recording and finding that chemistry, Ray J has finally finished the follow-up to This Ain't a Game (see "This Ain't A Game, Promises Ray J"). Due in March, Radiation features production from Jerkins, Timbaland and R. Kelly, as well as guest spots from Mya and sister Brandy.

"We wanted to call it Radiation 'cause we felt like we had to bring the heat this time and every song had to be hot," said Ray J, convinced that he did just that.

"I think people are gonna be just shocked with what we did," added Jerkins, who worked on several tracks.

The biggest shock is that while This Ain't a Game was a hip-hop record, Radiation finds Ray J abandoning rapping for singing.

"It really shows a more mature side of me and more of [my] vocal ability," Ray said. "I put my heart and my passion into it, and my focus was really to go in there and sing my heart out on this album."

"His vocal ability is incredible, and I'm gonna showcase that," Jerkins said. "It's cool because it's very urban, but the melodies are still crossover melodies, so it's a perfect combination of R&B, hip-hop and pop."

Ray J has yet to decide on the first single, but he's leaning toward Jerkins' "Keep Sweatin'," a high-energy club tune in the vein of Usher's "Yeah!"

"Oh my God, something just happened," Jerkins said. "We just fell on it, and in 30 minutes the track was done. Ray J came out of the booth drenched, literally  you would've thought he was in the pool, he was so soaked. So I think the title fits what we're trying to get the world to do. When people hear the energy of this record and when they're in the club dancing to this record, everybody's coming out of the club sweating."

"Quit Acting," which R. Kelly produced and guests on, is the other finalist and came together after a week of hanging out with the R&B legend.

"It's coming straight for the clubs," Ray J said. "It's saying, 'Quit acting like the blue ain't ice and quit frontin' like the whips ain't tight.' "

"Sexy," Ray's collaboration with Mya, is also for the clubs, strip clubs, that is.

"It's a real dark but real sexy record," Ray J said. "It takes place in a strip club, and you can just mentally take it from there."

Radiation is more than just club tracks, however, and many of the ballads and mid-tempo numbers clearly address everyday relationship problems. The album also features the political "War Is Over," a duet with Brandy.

"It's just praying and hoping that when the war's over everything will be all right," Ray said. "After the Twin Towers situation happened, that's when I started writing that song. I really wanted [Brandy] to be a part of the song 'cause I felt like a brother and sister speaking on that would be real powerful. It's a real special record to me."

Another song close to Ray J and Jerkins' hearts is the likely second or third single, "One Wish," a ballad about a lost love that showcases Ray's voice.

" 'One Wish' is my favorite song because everybody knows me for doing crossover up-tempo records, but 'One Wish' is a ballad," Jerkins explained. "The lyrical content is so incredible in that song and the melody when it comes to that hook, you hear that hook one time and you remember it.

"A lot of times artists only have one single and the rest of the album is whatever, but he has a great album and he has great singles," Jerkins added. "So we're excited."

29th October 2004

It has appeared that Lindsay Lohan is about to go in the studio with Rodney Jerkins to record a rock song. Here is what Rodney had to say about it:

"We're just waiting to get into the studio and cut it," Jerkins said. "I know her schedule is crazy hectic as well as mine. So we're going to find that day where we can get it and cut it, probably out here in L.A. or whatever. It should be fun, because she's got this whole thing about, you know, this little bad-girl image that everyone's trying to put on her, you know what I mean? Basically, the record that we did is basically saying, you know, 'I'm not ordinary. Bottom line, I'm different.' "

27th October 2004

Lots of news today:

Rodney Jerkins will most probably be having the lead single from American Idol winner Fantasia’s album. The track is called “It’s All Good” and this is what Rodney had to say about it.

"She's soulful," Jerkins said. "She's a young Aretha Franklin/Mary J. Blige all rolled up into one. This girl's got some pipes on her, serious pipes."

Fantasia has yet to decide on the album's first single, although Jerkins said "It's All Good" is likely.

"I did this record with Sean Garrett," Jerkins said of the red hot songwriter behind Usher's "Yeah!," Ciara's "Goodies" and Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath." "It's gonna shock people. ... [You think] she's going to come slow, singing ballads, 'cause all the 'American Idol' artists that have come out, if you study the past, they've come out with these big ballads. Well, the only hint that I can give is that it's not a ballad."

I have also heard that Rodney produced Lindsay Lohan’s “Rumours”, which has not been officially confirmed.

In other news Fats has officially left Darkchild, here is an article and interview with him:

While some artists struggle for years to be discovered by an A&R, Fats became a major-label star over night. Discovered by one of the hottest producers in the game, Fats became the first rap artist signed to Rodney Jerkins’ Darkchild Records after an impromptu freestyle session at the mall. Soon Fats appeared on two tracks from Michael Jackson’s Invincible album, the title cut and “Heartbreaker,” plus one of his songs was featured in the movie Honey. And let it be known Fats was the reason Cash Money/Universal wanted to ink a distribution deal with Rodney. Soon Fats began recording with heavyweights like 50 Cent, Freeway, Brandy, Truth Hurts and more.

Although now indie, Fats knows more than the average rookie MC. He has stayed on his grind, recording and releasing a mixtape every month through his company, Never Enough. With the blessing of the King Of Pop, Fats just dropped his first single, “We Love” featuring Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean acapellas.

You're from Harlem. What are you doing living in Atlantic City?

I'm not a permanent resident. I'm here off and on. When I'm here, I just came from Harlem and I can fall back and relax and create. Everything that I just absorbed and went through when I was home, I can come here and jot that down. I got peace of mind here.

How did you hook up with Rodney Jerkins, and how did that situation fall apart?

I met Rodney because I went to Atlantic City trying to do the wrong thing, but it was the right time. I got caught up in a bad situation and I had a little mishap with the law. I was on parole and probation in AC so I couldn't leave the state. I was at the mall and this chick I was with pointed out Fred Jerkins, Rodney's brother. She dared me to go up to him. So I go up to him and say, "I spit. Your brother needs to hear me. I'm serious." He said, "I am Rodney Jerkins." So I spit something. He said take my number and come to the studio. He got me this gig with a group overseas, Another Level. They paid me $5,000. I got $5,000 for spitting a rhyme and I spit in the street all day, every day. I was feeling real good. We cut tracks with Destiny's Child, Joe.... But some of them didn't come out. Like the Destiny's Child didn't jump because Matthew Knowles wanted Rodney to give Beyonce the publishing on it saying she wrote it. But Rodney said, "I paid my dues. I don't have to do that." I was supposed to be on that joint with Brandy, "What About Us?" That didn't pop. I did two tracks with Michael Jackson, "Invincible" and "Heartbreaker." Let me just say that wasn't how I wanted to do that, but I was being coached. They put me on the stand and told me how to say it. I had to please everybody and give them what they wanted so they can want what I have later on. Rodney took a long time to sign me. Then when Rodney was in Atlanta, he was playing my song in the car loud and Slim [from Cash Money] asked, "Who's that? What up with him?" And Rodney said, "He's signed to me." Slim said maybe we can do business. Let it be known I was the initial thing for the Darkchild and Cash Money merger. But then there was conflict over money and so I'd rather be out of it now. Let me be half businessman, half artist and make some money for myself.

Tell me about your company, Never Enough.

I feel like we need something that we can call our own. As artists, we work so hard, stay in the studio late night. But you don't reap the benefits of that. Artists make money, but you not getting that executive money. If I'm making money for anybody, let me make money for myself. There's nothing like working for yourself. Cause then you'll work harder. They're ain't no limit with Never Enough. We can do clothing, sneakers, watches, management, music, everything. I lead by example. We put out mixtapes every 2-3 weeks.

What did you learn from Rodney, Slim and Baby?

I learned how you play with other people's money to get yourself money. Never use your own money. That's how the rich stay rich. Some of the richest people in the word are the cheapest. Slim and Baby branched out with other artists around the world, but I see how they are real family-orientated. They like their people to be around them while they’re working. You gotta be around them. Laugh, drink, have fun and party together. They were real dudes, down-to-earth. Rodney is a different person. He won't go to the club unless Mike Tyson's throwing a party. I respect Ra for what he do. I learned from him. You should do one thing, then do the other thing. I don't think you should try to do three or four things at the same time.

Are you trying to rep Harlem right now?

I don't want to rep a certain one place. I represent for every hood. I've been a lot of places and there's a hood everywhere. I know their struggle. I'm not just speaking for Harlem. I represent for every person that came out of the hood with the same story, the same struggle as I did, as I do, as I still live, everyday on my grind. I'm the voice for n*gga that hustle and can't rap.

5th October 2004

It has also been reported that the Darkchild team are also working with Bad Boy artists "B5" & "Cheri Dennis". The Darkchild team are back & busier than ever, make sure you guys support them in all their projects.

2nd October 2004

Thanks to Gratian in the forum for this article:

After a little time away, producer Rodney Jerkins is back on the Billboard charts. With his Darkchild crew, he has a hand in the new Destiny's Child single, "Lose My Breath," from the trio's forthcoming Columbia album, "Destiny Fulfilled," and Kierra "KiKi" Sheard's "You Don't Know," from her No. 1 gospel debut, "I Owe You" (EMI Gospel).

But judging from Darkchild's slate of works in progress, Jerkins doesn't have a lot of time to celebrate.

His projects include teen star Lindsay Lohan's solo debut on Casablanca and a new album from Jennifer Lopez. In addition to producing songs for model Tyra Banks (including "Shake Your Body"), Jerkins is collaborating with his wife, Joy Enriquez (for his Darkchild imprint through Bungalo/Universal) and 2004 "American Idol" winner Fantasia. He's also working with several newcomers, including Bad Boy acts B5 and Sherry Dennis, Casablanca's Cory Gunz and Darkchild's female hip-hop artist Asia Lee.

Additionally, the 26-year-old Orlando, Fla.-based producer is recording his own instrumental album, "Versatility," due early next year. And he's on his way to London to write with Cathy Dennis for Whitney Houston.

"I've always been thrilled by the sound of a marching band," Jerkins says about the inspiration behind "Lose My Breath," which he co-produced and co-wrote with Beyonce "And I wanted to do something beyond any tempo out there in urban music. There are 120 beats per minute on that track."

As for Sheard's powerful debut, Jerkins notes, "I just wish the urban secular world would take more of a look at the gospel world to see what's really happening there."

Since Michael Jackson's "You Rock My World" -- which reached No. 13 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart in 2001 -- Jerkins had been relatively quiet on the chart front. In addition to supervising soundtracks to "Honey," "Scary Movie 3" and "My Baby's Daddy," he married Enriquez in April of this year in Laguna Niguel, Calif.

But Jerkins is "ready to go again. "It feels like I'm starting all over, but this time I have experience under my belt. I'll be able to pick and choose and do it right this time. Conquer, conquer, conquer is all I want to do."

29th September 2004

Rev Fred Jerkins (Rodney's father) has been in contact with me and wanted me to let you know that Kierra Sheard's track "You Should Know" is currently number 1 on gospel radio and on the back of that tracks sent her album straight to number 1 and stayed number 1 for the second week which is the first time that has happened to a gospel artist.

Also remember Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" is out in the next few weeks. Make sure you go out and buy it. Let's get Darkchild back on the radio!!

23rd September 2004

Just realised there is a track missing off the discography which was Men Of Vizion "Instant Love".The track was produced by Teddy Riley & Co produced by Rodney.  

20th September 2004

A Darkchild fan E-mailed me and made me aware of a Darkchild track by a group called "Black Gypsies". I didn't think it was a Darkchild track as it sounds nothing like they've ever done in my opinion, but then I heard them say "Darkchild" at the beginning. I am not sure of what time period this is from, so if you have any details let me know. You can download it at

Also I received an E-mail that made me realise I have left a track off the discography by a girl group Juice called "Into My Bed" that was produced by Soulshock & Karlin, but co wrote by Rodney.  If anyone has this track let me know.

I have added both tracks to the Discography.

19th September 2004

I am finding conflicting news regarding the track "Cheater" by Michael Jackson. Some say it is a track that was meant to be on the "Bad" album co-written by G. Phillinganes and some say it was for "Invincible" & produced by Rodney. Guess we'll just have to wait till it comes out. 

16th September 2004

Thanks to Gratian in the forum it seems that the track "We've had enough" which was originally recorded for Michael Jackson's Invincible will feature Janet. Which is gonna be hot as Janet Jackson is my favourite artist. It was re-recorded earlier on in the year to feature her vocals.

15th September 2004

I cannot fully confirm if this is true, but apparently Rodney Jerkins has been on the radio talking about Brandy. It is reported that Rodney  worked on the current Brandy project which was originally called "B Rocka" with Timbaland & Robert Smith, but when they broke up there were money issues there were money issues. Brandy & her mother decided to take all the Darkchild & Big Bert tracks & go with Timbaland. He went on to say there was no bad blood between them, but was shocked a little at some of the statements Brandy made. There was also some talk that he was meant to have done a "Who is she to you" remix but that was not clear.  He finished off by saying he hopes his and Brandy's go on in the same direction.  As I have said I cannot fully confirm this is true. It was apparently broadcast on Sirens channel.

9th September 2004

BIG NEWS! Destiny Child new track is produced by Darkchild. The track is called "Losin' My Breathe". It is on AOL, but I couldn't get it to work. Will keep you informed.

2nd September 2004

Due to popular demand I have now added an audio section to the site. The files only stay there if they are bring downloaded regularly, so don't be surprised if they disappear. The audio section in the links section. I have added 2 very rare tracks....Enjoy.

1st September 2004

Just to let you know I have confirmed that Darkchild did record a track with Destiny's Child's for the album "Survivor". The track was called "Girl Like me"  and have a very street urban vibe. I have added it to the discography.

30th August 2004

It is rumoured that there will be another Darkchild track on the Michael Jackson "Ultimate Collection" album. The track was apparently written with the late Carole Bayer Sager. The track is called "We've Had Enough". I have updated the discography.

24th August 2004

It may be a while before you hear an album from Chilli which Rodney Jerkins was meant to be working on. It is rumoured that she has been dropped from her label. The reason for this apparently is because she only recorded 4 songs in the many years she has been working on this project.

19th August 2004

Thanks to Gratian in the forum it seems Michael Jackson is releasing an "Ultimate Collection box set" which will include the Darkchild produced "Cheater". I will get back to you with the release date.

12th August 2004

Thanks to Tru101 in the forum for discovering another Darkchild track by Gospel Artist John P. Kee called "Dancin'" fetauring Lil Rufus.  

10th August 2004

I have an update on K Young. It seems he is still working with Darkchild. As I reported on the 13th of July Rodney has recorded a track with a group called 4mula1 called "Ghetto Desperado". It has been reported that K Young Co-Wrote this track with Rodney.

Also K Young has a single coming out soon called "That Girl" which was produced by Jazz Nixon of the Darkchild team. He will also be appearing on Ray J's new album "Raydiation" on a track called "Anytime".

Also I have been made aware he was the little boy who was the original lead singer of "3rd Storee". His vocals were on "If Ever" & "Party Tonight".  He is also the younger brother of writer Kenisha Pratt.

9th August 2004

I apologise for their being no substanstial updates really, but you will be hearing more soon. I am in the process of adding an audio section. Post in the forum and let me know any tracks you have had trouble getting hold of.

16th July 2004

Lots of new for you today.....

Rodney has signed a deal with Universal / Bungalow for Darkchild Independent Records. He owns his own masters now which means he decides what music is put out.

He is apparently pursuing signings of Super model Tyra Banks, Brandy's brother Ray J, Rapper Asia Lee & his  wife Joy Enriquez - Jerkins.

He has also been asked to work on the "Superman Soundtrack" starring Alicia Keys. In adittion to that he working on a reality TV series,of which nothing has been revealed yet.

Rodney is currently recording with John P Kee, Shakira Clark and Marques Houston.

It won't be long before you hear the purring of "Darkchild" by everyone on the radio.

Darkchild Is Back!!!!!!!! 

13th July 2004

Just to let you know Rodney Jerkins has been in the studio with "3rd Storee" who are now called "360" and signed to J Records. The track is called "Spinning Like My 20's".

He has also finished a track called "Ghetto Desperado" by "Formula 1" signed to Warner Brothers.

12th July 2004

I have been informed by a VERY reliable source that Rodney Jerkins is in the studio with Jennifer Lopez this week working on a track called "This Can't Be Love" written by Rodney & Lashawn Daniels.

8th July 2004

Another Darkchild track has surfaced. Rodney has been working with an arist called Guerilla Black on a track called "Trixx". The track has very minimal production and is quite different for Rodney. The artist looks and sounds almost identical to the late Notorious BIG.

In other Darkchild related news it has been rumoured that the track Darkchild / Cash Money produced for Lloyd "Trance", will be featured on his up and coming album for The Inc Records "Southside".

1st July 2004

Just to let you all know Rodney & Fred Jerkins attended the Mega Fest 2004 (Religious festival) along with Mary Mary. If you have any further information on what was talked about there, please let me know.

23rd June 2004

1 YEAR  ANNIVERSARY! Just to let you know it has now been over a year since I started this website. Want to thank everyone who have been visiting the site, it is much appreciated. Also to let you know I will not be giving up on this site anytime soon. Keep visiting........

16th June 2004

I have discovered the website of Rodney Jerkins's Producer Anthology. Anthology produced a few tracks for "My Baby's Daddy" & Fats "Maria". It say's him and Rodney are currently in the studio with an artist or artists camed "Heat" on an album called "Streeter Than Most". Not sure who the group is, but I know Soulpower used to have a group named that. Will fill you in when I have found out more information.

I have added a link to the website in the links section.

4th June 2004

Old news, I have just discovered that Rodney Jerkins worked with "Matt Goss" back in 2000. "Matt Goss" was a former member of chessy 80's boy band "Bros" who were most famous for the track "When will I be famous", if anybody has any information on it E-mail me.

3rd June 2004

Thanks again to Tru101 from the forum as another Darkchild track has surfaced. The name of the artist is "Kierra Sheard" and the track is called "You Don't Know". I have added a link to her website in the links section, where you can listen to the full track.

I have added it to the discography.

2nd June 2004

More news on Blaque, it has now been rumoured that Blaque are still with Elektra and are now being distributed through Missy Elliot's label "Gold Mine". They say that "Torch" will be released in November. "Hopeless" is still meant to be going ahead as a single and will feature "Chingy".

I don't know how much of this is true as finding reliable sources on Blaque is not easy, if the album was to be released in November it would be a shock as albums that are pushed back a year and a half very rarely see the light of day.

1st June 2004

Sorry there hasn't been a post in a while I have been away, as you probably know from the forum thanks to Ggary & Tru101 Rodney Jerkins produced for Christina Milian's new album "It's About Time". The track is called "Get loose".

Also there have been reports that Blaque have been dropped again! Which will most likely mean we will never hear the tracks Darkchild produced for "Torch". This has not been officially confirmed, but I will let you know when I find out.

24th May 2004

Darkchild artist "K Young" has been in the studio with B2K. He is featured on the remix of their new track "Boys For Life". He is also set to go on tour with them this summer also joined by 4-Deep, 3LW & Ray J.

It has not been confirmed yet whether he is now signed to B2K's label.

20th May 2004

I have discovered the tracks that were originally made for the soundtrack for "My Baby's Daddy". None of these tracks made the final cut, but are in the movie.

Delisha - Darkchild

Rodney Jerkins - Fire

D Ruggz - I'm Hot

Young Dre - Choose Me

Bad Lucc with Heat & Kobe - Watch That Girl

There are also some tracks without artists names attached

Licky Lah

Do I Look Like I'm Crazy

12th May 2004

This is not confirmed to be true but apparently in a Radio interview with Robert "Big Bert" Smith he said the reason him and Brandy split up was because he cheated on her, he then went on to say that he doesn't see his daughter very much anymore and that Brandy may have been pregnant with a second child. He then said he doesn't think the album is going to be too hot without Darkchild.

6th May 2004

I have added a picture of "Mike Nitty" in the photo section. Just thought I would put it up since a lot of people have never seen him.

4th May 2004

It has been confirmed that Chilli (Former member of TLC) has recorded at least 2 songs with Rodney Jerkins. The album is still untitled, but she is planning for it to be an up-tempo album working with the likes of Dallas Austin & Missy Elliot. She obviously isn't straying too far from the TLC sound. The album will be released when the dust settles on RCA'S absorption of Arista Records.  

29th April 2004

I have managed to get hold of the 3rd Storee track "Honey". It has Lil' Kim on the track, but I think it may be a DJ mix, because the rapping is from Lil' Kim's "Jump Off". The track is nice.

28th April 2004

I have discovered a new song by Lil' Zal called "My Block" produced by Rodney, I think somebody may have mentioned it before. Also Kanye West is noted as a co-writer.  I'm not sure if he actually worked with Rodney on this track or whether he is noted a writer because of a sample used.

22nd April 2004

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child has gone to work on her second album. She said that she will be working with Rodney Jerkins on the project, but don't expect it anytime soon. The earliest you can expect it will be 2005 due to the Destiny's Child reunion this year. She will also be working with Lil' Jon, Rich Harrison, Cory Rooney & The Neptunes.

19th April 2004

I have added a picture of Kelcey who is signed to "Darkchild Gospel" in the Photo page.

15 April 2004

Just been looking through a back issue of Vibe Magazine and their is a review of Tank's album "One man". Before this album was released I heard Rodney Jerkins would be producing a track, it seems he did but it did not make the album. In Vibe their was a review of a song called "No One But Me". It says it was produced by Rodney Jerkins and was the funkiest and best track on the album, so I have no clue why it did not make the cut. I have added it to the Discography.

13th April 2004

I have managed to get hold of another Shorty 101 track called "Happens Everytime" and I have a strong feeling that it is Darkchild. It is very poppy, but kind of uses the same sound as "Get with me". I have added it to the discography, if anyone has more information on the track let me know.

12th April 2004

Here is another snippet from an article about the wedding:

Music producer Rodney Jerkins married actress/singer Joy Enriquez recently at the posh Ritz-Carlton Laguna Nigel in California. Aside from her 17-carat diamond engagement ring, the bride also wore a 32-carat diamond necklace given to her by the groom. Yolonda Adams, BeBe Winans and Glen Lewis, sang at the start of the ceremony. The bride and groom opted to add to their traditional vows by performing personally handwritten vows in a surprise duet. Joy, with her new husband on the baby grand piano, closed the dinner by singing an original love song composed by Rodney the night he proposed. The couple will honeymoon in the Caribbean. Rodney is currently working on scoring a number of movies and developing other business opportunities. Joy continues to pursue acting.

12th April 2004

Well it is official and we have the pictures to prove it. Rodney Jerkins married Joy Enriquez last week. I will keep the picture of them up for the next week or so. Here is an article on it:

(Apr. 8, 2004) *The Jerkins-Enriquez nuptials stumbled off with a bang! But there was a rewind that everyone enjoyed.

Sunday, April 4, Rodney Jerkins married Latina singer, Joy Enriquez. Following the "I pronounce you's" by Rev. Jim Reeve, the bride stumbled on her train but immediately stopped the procession, corrected herself and pronounced to their 200 guests at the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif., "I got to do it again."

She sprinted back to the minister's side in her Vera Wang pumps to restart their stroll as husband and wife to the cheers of her new husband as well as the crowd.

"It was wonderful," one of the guests and Jerkins's boyhood friend, Mike Tyson told PEOPLE. "I liked the music the best, and I was glad to be a part of this." Jerkins and Enriquez first met when she was 19 and he produced her self-titled first album. "Rodney said, 'I am going to marry you one day. Get the ring,' recalled Enriquez. "When I finished the album, I added in the thank-you notes: 'To Rodney Jerkins, when is the wedding?'"

But years passed before the two would even cross paths again. They didn't see each other again until Michael Jackson's 45th birthday bash last September at the Neverland Ranch.

He proposed in the wee hours of the morning on Nov. 22, after the two had seen the LA production of "The Producers." They had gone to watch the sun rise in Malibu.

"He got down on one knee and told me that he loved me," said Enriquez. "He loved me more than his Grammys. He loved me more than every one of his hit records and asked if I would marry him. And I said I would. We are a big time couple, and God had so much to do with this."

Jerkins, 26, and Enriquez, 25, sang their vows to each other accompanied by the 14-piece Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra. Gospel favorites Bebe Winans and Yolanda Adams also performed. Guests included Tyson and Chris Tucker. Michael Jackson was expected, but he and Janet were recording a duet at an undisclosed location in Los Angeles, according to Jerkins.

Jerkins has produced for Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Brandy and Whitney Houston.

12th April 2004

If you were wondering what happened to Lloyd (Former N-Toon member) who recorded "She wants to be with me" & "Trance" with Darkchild, then here's the info. He was dropped by MCA & is now the newest signing of "The Inc" formerly "Murder inc". His first single off his album is called "Southside" which features Ashanti. The album he was due to record with MCA with titled "Oh my Lloyd", so it is doubtful any of the tracks will be released unless "The Inc" feel they were good enough to buy from MCA. I'm presuming all his tracks will be produced by "Irv Gotti" & his producers. 

8th April 2004

Go to the links section, there is a link to Kelcey's website. Kelcey is the Protege of Fred Jerkins on his label Darkchild Gospel. There are clips from 5 of her tracks from her debut album "First Things First". Her album is meant to be coming this Summer so keep your eyes out for it.

6th April 2004

Since Urban Laced has not been the success I hoped for, I have decided to change the format a little. I am getting some help from other websites and the news section is not solely going to be about producers. It will become an Urban Music news site, which will include profiles on producers. I am doing this to make it appealing to more people and to get producers more recognised, by incorporating the two. Please visit the site @

5th April 2004

Just to let you know Yolanda Adams & Be Be Winans will singing at Rodney & Joy's wedding.

1st April 2004

Thanks to Gratian in the forum it appears that Rodney Jerkins is to marry recording artist Joy Enriquez. The couple worked together on Joy's first project. It must have been then that the spark happened between them. Just want to congratulate them from us all at

25th March 2004

Thanks to Yota in the forum I have finally found out the name of the track Ginuwine recorded for Honey. The track is called "Hot", I have confirmed this and added it to the discography.

25th March 2004

Well you probably have heard about Chilli talking on the radio about her relationship with Usher. Since everyone was so focused on that it has been failed to be reported that she is currently in the studio recording her debut solo project.....with Rodney Jerkins. I know a lot of people didn't think that he did on a great job on the TLC tracks, but I think the main reason behind that was because T-Boz's voice is very street, but I think it will work well with Chilli.

23rd March 2004

I have added a new section to the website, it is a section that I have been thinking about putting on since I set up this website up last June. It features songs that I and alot of other fans think sound like Darkchild tracks.  What I want to do with this is have you guys tell me what other tracks not up there sound like Darkchild tracks and I'll put them up. I think it's nice to have especially since Darkchild are not doing a lot at the moment, so you can download them and see what you think of them, the tracks on the list already are some of my favourites . So let me know your views cause I do this site for you guys as well. 

18th March 2004

I have heard a rumour that Rodney Jerkins produced a track for Madonna back in 2000. I will not add this song to the discography as I am going on the word of someone who apparently knows her. The track was called "The Girl Wants You (And I ain't down). 

15th March 2004

Big news! It turns out Blaque's next single will be another Darkchild track........"Hopeless". This track is hot and extremley well produced. It is a different style for Rodney. There is no release date for the single yet, but I will keep you informed. I guess I was wrong about Blaque not releasing the Darkchild tracks. I am presuming this means the long awaited album Torch will be released soon. If you want to hear a clip of it go to

9th March 2004

This may be old news but, I have been searching around the internet seeing if any Darkchild artists still have their websites active, which none of them do apart from Rhona which has not been updated in 3 years (How can it be that long?).  In my searches I did discover one website, although not an official Darkchild artist Canela Cox. In Darkchild fans eyes she's a Darkchild artist. I discovered on her website that "Outta Here" was in fact meant to be her next single after "Everything" before her contract was ended with Dreamworks which is annoying as that is one of my favourite Darkchild tracks and would have been a sure hit. Also when looking at the website, if any of you are missing any of her tracks they are all up there in the audio section. Go to

8th March 2004

JC Chasez's album came out a couple of weeks ago, I have not found out if there are any Darkchild tracks on there yet. I haven't heard anything about it so I am seriously doubting it. I will keep you posted.


In the links section there is a link to a clip of Honey, which plays the first verse & chorus to Tweet's Hypnotic produced by Rodney. Now I have heard more of this track, I am excited about Tweet's new album, the track is tight.


I have been looking at a Micheal Jackson site and I have found out yet more Darkchild tracks recorded for the Michael Jackson album. They are reported to be new tracks on the website, but they are co wrote by Harvey Mason Jr who we know does not work with Rodney anymore. These tracks have been confirmed by ASCAP:

The Pain (Michael Jackson, Rodney Jerkins, Harvey Mason Jr, Shawn Stcokman)

Pressure (Rodney Jerkins, Fred Jerkins, Harvey Mason Jr) 


As I have said before in Forum discussions I have been considering opening another website that is dedicated to giving you information about producers and short profiles on them. The main point of this website is to get discographies on these producers which I wanted to do. I find that some producers don't have discographies at all and some you have to go searching for. Well I have collated this information into 1 website. It has taken a lot of work and I have been running it with a few selected people to make sure it looks right for the past month. I think I have got it to a point to launch it. The site is called Urban Laced, I want this site to be huge, I want fans of other producers to all come together and discuss urban music. I will only keep running this site if I get the input of other people as it is very hard to keep up with all the producers. So far there are profiles on 5 producers, check it out to see who. One thing I will say is that this Darkchild site is my number 1 priority above all so I will not be giving up on this.

Check "Urban Laced" out at


The Honey DVD is due out 23rd March this year, one of the special features on it will be the video for Shawn Desman's "Sexy". We are still yet to hear the full track. There has been a mix of it on the internet called "The DJ Flawlessmix", this is not the full song. 


Good news for everyone, it turns out the Blaque rumour is not true. The Torch album will still go ahead. There is still no sign of a release date though.


The forum is back up and running.


If you have noticed there have been problems with the forum the past couple of days. They have been moving our forum onto a faster more efficient server. The work should be completed today, this will not be a common occurence.


Good news on Fred Jerkins, he is finally launching his lable "Darkchild Gospel". It appears that is what he will focus more on gospel now. His first signing is a teenage girl called Kelcey who will soon be releasing her album "First things first". Freddie co-wrote the entire album with her, some of the tracks which will be included in the set are Beautiful, Dance Through Me, First Things First & Hard To Believe. I am unsure of the date of this release, but a lot of websites have it up for pre-order.

Also I have discovered another track Freddie worked on from 2001. It is by an artist called "Willa Ford" and the track is called "Did Ya Understand that". I am unsure whether he did the original or a remix, I have had a listen to it and it sounds like it could be a Freddie production. I have added all tracks to the discography. 


Bad news! This has not yet been officially confirmed, but apparently Blaque will not be releasing their album "Torch". Brandi is said to have left the group. Shamari & Natina are said to be back up dancing for other artists. Let's hope it's not true other wise the Darkchild produced "Blaque out", "Hopeless" & "Fall Back" will never surface. 


I have just found out that Rodney & Fred will not only be recording with Nick Carter, but also with his younger brother Aaron Carter as well. They have been recruited to give him a more mature sound. Justin Timbrlake will also be working on the album.


Welcome all if you are wondering where the forum has gone read on. I have not been happy with the way that forum functioned for a while now. Thanks to we have a new and much more improved forum which has been moved to the links section. I would like to thank the wemaster of for helping improve this site.


You may have heard of the "Living your dream" project that is to support Michael Jackson in this time of need. I have only just been made aware that the person behind the project is Al Walser, the guy  who is rumoured to be signed with Darkchild.

Please visit the website


I have managed to listen to a clip of the Papa san track and from what I heard it is a good track, it's not really R&b surprisingly, it is a ragga track.


A Fred Jerkins track has been released (Finally), it is a track called "Can't flee from your presence" by an artist called "Papa San". It is an urban gospel track. I have not yet heard the track, will give a review when I've got hold of it.


Here is an excerpt from an interview with Brandy talking about her new album and whe she is no longer using Darkchild:  Why throw away the chemistry born on the LP between you and Rodney Jerkins by doing this album with Timbaland? 

I wasn't able to be the best I could be on the Darkchild stuff, because there was so much going on with the track. Not to say the track wasn't dope or that I don't appreciate the success we had, but at the same time, I never felt I could be the best artist that I could be. Everything is all about Rodney, and I understand that, because he's talented and he's a genius, but I wanted to shine as well.


I have just got word that the soundtrack for "My Baby's Daddy" will be released 27th January 2004. The track listing includes the Fats Featuring Truth Hurts and Lil' Wayne track "Maria" that was co-produced by Rodney & Anthology. There is also a track by an artist called Antonique called "Fact that you lied" so it maybe a remake of the "So plush" track, we'll just have to see and the Outlawz track "My Baby's Mama" is on there two. Here is the track listing:

1. Get Ready - Malik Yusef/Carl Thomas/Twista/Kanye West
2. Black Wallstreet - Black Wallstreet/Game
3. Watch Your Girl - Snoop Dogg
4. Maria - Fats/Truth Hurts/Lil' Wayne
5. Ez-A-Lee - En Vogue
6. Dangerous - Dr. Stank/Butch Cassidy
7. Ready To Ball - Bleu Davinci/Fabolous/Black Chill
8. Put It On Me - Ideal
9. Ryder Music - Young Dre
10. Fact That You Lied - Antonique
11. Life - Lena/Akil
12. My Baby's Mamma - The Outlawz


Here is an excerpt of an interview with Gloria Velez for here she talks about exactly what happened with the Cash Money / Darkchild deal:

BallerStatus: Now, are you signed right now? I know you were signed, but something happened?

Glory: Yea, I was signed to Cash Money/Rodney Jerkins. My deal was that Cash Money and Rodney couldn't sign no other female rapper. They signed another female rapper to Cash Money. I didn't know about it yet. I go to New Orleans to do alot of radio promotion on my own strength. With my own connects. I did a morning show in New Orleans and they asked me on the air how I felt about Cash Money signing a new latina girl named Christina rapper. I was stunned because I just got signed. They put it to commercial and they showed me the fax that Cash Money sent to radio stations promoting this girl. Not me. So I called my lawyer first thing and he was on it checking it out. It was easier to pull out of a contract then negotiate it. So I pulled out of Cash Money then stayed with Rodney for a minute. Rodney ended up pulling away from Cash Money.

I told Rodney that he was a good producer, but he's not good at putting out a new artist. He had a little label deal on an independent from New York. I wasn't really feelin' that, so I pulled out from him. He has artists that have been down with him for I don't know how long and they are still sitting on the shelf. I don't feel like waiting. I'm doing my own promotion. I getting myself into all these magazine myself. If you haven't done nothing for me in a year, then I'm not sitting around. Now I'm shopping for a new deal.


Go to the links section, there is a link to the the track Rodney produced for the "Scary Movie 3" soundtrack. It is performed by Dame Lee featuring Jug. Let me know what you think of it in the forum. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! For tonight everyone. I apologise for there not been any substantial updates recently, but to be honest nothing is really going on with the Darkchild team to my knowledge at the moment. Keep visiting through 2004!!


Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and thanks for visiting the site.


Check out the Biography section, I have wrote my own biography on Rodney Jerkins.


I have discovered an error on the Discography. Shorty 101's "Better than" is actually produced by Wade Robson. I have taken it off discography.


Rumour has it that the Darkchild produced track "Turntable" by TLC, may be released in the UK to promote their greatest hits album. It has been getting quite a lot of airplay at the moment on major radio stations.


Well everyone the message board is running properly again. I hope everyone continues to come here cause I sure as hell aren't going to quit on this site just yet. Post in my forum occasionally so I know you're still out there. Take care people.


I have discovered that the  Shawn Desman track "Like Honey" does not exist, BMI have got this mixed up with the track "Sexy"


Bad news! Blaque's album Torch has been pushed back yet again! Apparently it is because "I'm Good" has not been a success. Rumour has it they may be recording new tracks for the album. I think they may be doing what Dream are doing and going back to re-record the album. Since it was  a Darkchild track that hasn't been a success I have a feeling there may not be as many Darkchild tracks on there.


In reference to the Fats track "Maria", from what I gather from a reliable source of mine it is co-produced by Rodney. It also samples Michael Jackson's vocals on it.


Just to give you an update about Jay Mathis. He is no longer part of the Darkchild family (I think that was quite obvious) and is working with some big name producers at the moment. I am also told he is writing for other artists.


I managed to get hold of another track by Fats called "Maria", it features Lil' Wayne & Truth Hurts. I am pretty sure it is not a Darkchild track. If anyone has any information about it let me know, my address is on the contacts page.


Check out the links section now. There is a link to Shawn Desman's (One of the stars in Honey) website which has a clip from the film where he sings "Sexy". This track is one of the best I have heard from Rodney in a long time. Check it out!


If you have been wondering what has happened to Rhona recently I can now confirm what she has been doing. I can confirm she does have a record deal with Elektra, but not as a solo artist. She is the newest addition to one of the biggest R&B groups of all time.......En Vogue! They will be releasing there new album "Soul Flower" January or February next year.


I have received an E-mail from Gloria Velez a.k.a Glory about what happened with the Cash / Money deal. I can confirm Rodney has pulled out of the deal. This is what Gloria had to say about it  "letz just say both parties didnt see my money wanted to sit on me....& rodney is a great producer but really dont know how to put out an artist on his i rather do it own my own till i find the right circle of people who believe's in me... & want to get this paper..there's alot of jealously in this business people dont want other's to succeed....i know i will make it..i have patience's...& i have faith"


Having looked at the Honey website I am a bit confused. If you go to it you will notice there is an  audio player in the bottom right hand corner. The tracks on there that are obviously produced by Rodney are as follows:

Tweet - Hypnotic

3rd Storee - Honey

Rodney Jerkins - Let It Go

"Let it go" is just an instrumental track which I presume is the theme for the movie. The confusing thing is, when you look at the track listing for the movie none of these tracks are mentioned so I'm not quite sure what they are there for. The track I thought Tweet was doing for the soundtrack was "Thug man". I will keep you posted. I have added the link in the movies section.


Plenty of updates today. Britney's Brave New Girl is now available to download. I am still not 100% sure it is a Darkchild production, will check when the album comes out next week. It does not sound at all like a Darkchild production at all by but you never know. It starts off sounding like Pinks "Get the party started", then starts using vocoda on her vocals, then it turns into a pop / rock song.  


More news on Gloria Velez, I have been on her website and there is a track produced by Darkchild on it called "Free Style" that you can listen to. The link to her website is in the links section. From what I can gather from her forum of which she posts very frequently Rodney has backed out of the deal with Cash Money leaving her unsigned again. I will keep you posted.


BIG NEWS! I have discovered yet another artist that has signed to the Darkchild / Cash money imprint. Her name is Gloria Velez a.k.a Glory. She is a latino female rapper who was the one who actually hooked Rodney up with Cash Money in the first place, . She is still in the process of recording her album, I have added a picture of her in the on the photo page. So all the artists I am aware of on he Darkchild / Cashmoney imprint are Gloria Velez, Lil' Zal & Fats.


Finally has been properly updated. Check it out, it has quite a few new songs that are due to come out & you can here a snippet of one of Lil' Zal's tracks. Also a Darkchild remix has been released of Blaque's "I'm Good" featuring Chingy. Check it out at Keep checking back here for more updates. I have added the new tracks to the discography.


Could people let me know if they like the forum on this website. It doesn't seem to get many people posting there and I'm trying to find out if it is because of the format of it. If you could let me know, because I would be happy to search for a better forum if that's what people want. Let me know, my E-mail is on the contacts page.


Sorry there haven't been any overly interesting updates of late, but lets try keep this going. I think there have been some problems in the forum. I think some posts have been deleted by accident I apologise if any of them were yours (I know a couple of mine have). 

Could everyone please take the time to have a look over the discography and tell me if you think there are any that are wrong or any that I have missed. I would like it to be as accurate as possible for everyone. Cause I do this site for us all not just me.


Looking through the internet I have dug up some old news. Apparently Another Level's track "What you klnow about me" which I thought was produced by Rodney actually isn't. It is a Harvey Mason Jr. track of which Rodney Co-wrote. The record company of Another level exaggerated Rodney's involvment in the project. This is part of the article for you :

Now is about as good a time as any to broach the subject I'm feeling most nervous about. The details about the album track "What d'you Know About Me? "by the British all-male group Another Level. Did he work on it or not, and what is all the fuss that I'm hearing about? 'I'm so glad you brought this up. I want you to get this word for word.' He's stopped laughing and has sat up attentively. 'I'm all for giving credit where it's due. We are all very close in my team and so I refuse to take credit for the good work Harvey Mason Jnr did in New York for Another Level. I was (PP my way to to airport when I was called in by Harvey to speak on the finished track. All I said was "Darkchild, Darkchild". I absolutely refute the comments the label [North West Records] made about me being so impressed with Another Level that I decided to produce a record for them free of charge. I had not even seen Another Level before. I refused to have my picture taken with them at the launch of the Mobo awards party. What would happen to me if other artists started calling me up expecting me to work for them free of charge? The label owe me an apology; I will not even consider working with any other artist on the label unless I get one.' He continues:'Right now I'm considering sending the label an invoice for using my voice on the track. You don't know how serious this is: if the label doesn't retract the comments about Rodney Jerkins involvement on the track I will not give them licence to release the track as a single. Rodney Jerkins is not at all amused. I thought I'd try to get a response from the label about this: they issued a formal statement via Nick Raphael, which read:I would like to take this opportunity to say that NWS has never claimed that you produced any track by Another Level. Secondly, your name has only been highlighted as a co-writer and additional vocalist as per Harvey's recording credits. As you know, we are extremely pleased with Harvey's production and can only apologize that due to the hype surrounding your name the media has exaggerated your involvement. I hope this saga does not affect my artists, my label or my relationship with yourself' U


Hey everyone, could you please take the time to fill out my questionaire & post it in the forum. I like to find out what you guys think & it can help me figure out who comes here. So PLEASE everyone fill it out, just copy and paste these questions in the forum...THANKS! (I have posted mine under the subject "Best Darkchild tracks")

Best Rodney track?

Best Freddie track?

Best club banger?

Best ballad / slow jam?

Who do you prefer Rodney or Freddie?

Best year for Darkchild music?

What songs got you into Darkchild?

Best Knock On, Knock off song?

Worst Darkchild track?

Who is your favourite they have worked with?

Best album Rodney has worked on?

What artists would you like to see them work with in the future?


Thanks to D in the forum I have discovered that Nick Carter will be recruiting Rodney and Fred Jerkins to produce for his new album. Hopefully we will see a Freddie production because we haven't heard anything from him since the beginning of 2002.

Also Rodney is meant to be working on an album with a boxer called "Zeb Judah", but I am unsure of how old this news is.


I now know of another track off the "Honey" Sountrack that is produced by Rodney. Amerie recorded the track "When I think of you". I am still unsure of the release date for the film & soundtrack as it keeps changing. I am told the film will be out early 2004, although soundtracks usually come out before. I'll keep you posted.


I am now getting conflicting news on the Britney Spears album. I am now being told that the track "Touch of my hand" was produced by Rodney & Brave New Girl was done by P. Diddy. Who knows? Just going to have to wait for the album aren't we?


More bad news!

Dream's album isn't coming out any time soon, due to the lack of interest in their single "Crazy" they are going to re-record their album again.  I'm betting "Hard To Stop" will not be one of the tracks that will be kept on their.


Hey everyone, just to let you know if you don't receive a reply from a E-mail you sent me it's because I cannot access my mail at the moment cause I have cancelled my internet as I am moving into my own place this weekend so it should be up & running in about a week.

I am told Britney will still have a Darkchild track on it "Brave new girl" (as you will see in my earlier post), but cannot promise anything as the final track listing  has STILL not been released. 

A note to leave you on, I am hearing more and more that two tracks on my discography are incorrect they are Alicia keys - Rear View Mirror & Dream - That's Ok. I think they may be right cause I am sure "That's ok" is a Puffy production & Alicia is an Underdogs production. If anyone can confirm that would be great. 


I have added the link to Blaque's Torch radio into the links section as some people were having problems playing it. Also there are a few new pictures in the gallery.


Good news & bad news!

Good news: Dream's next single is rumoured to be "Hard To Stop" which is great that means there will be two singles Rodney has produced out at around the same time including Blaque's "I'm Good". And who said Darkchild was black listed!

Bad news: It doesn't look like any Darkchild tracks have made the cut for Britney Spears new album "Get in the zone". I have got the track listing which isn't completley official yet, but I wouldn't get your hopes up.  Here is the track listing and who produced them..

"Me Against The Music (Featuring Madonna)" (Rishi Rich/Redzone)
"Breathe On Me" (Mark Taylor)
"Showdown" (Bloodyshy & Avant)
"Touch Of My Hand" (Jimmy Harris & Shep Solomon)
"Chaotic" (Bloodyshy & Avant)
"Outrageous" (R. Kelly)
"Toxic" (Bloodyshy & Avant)
"Early Morning" (Moby)
"The Answer" (P. Diddy)
"Brave New Girl" (Josh & Brian)
"Everytime" (Guy Sigsworth)
"Shadow" (The Matrix)
"The Hook-Up" (Redzone)

I have found out a few more tracks that MAY appear on the Britney Spears album produced by Rodney jerkins as follows:

I Said
Brand Nu
Funk it up

If anyone has any more information on these or can confirm them let me know.

Sorry there haven't been many updates recently, I haven't heard much new of late, but I need you guys to keep me informed about anything you here to keep this going. looks to be a mess I'm not exactly sure what's going on with that. I have seen the track listing for the "Honey" soundtrack and it doesn;t look like Rodney has produced all the tracks as some of them you already will know and the rest I cannot see Rodney doing here it is:

Jadakiss and Sheek Louch - "J-A-D-A"
Yolanda Adams - "I Believe"
Erick Sermon - "React"
Mark Ronson f/ Ghostface Killah and Nate Dogg - "Ooh Wee"
Missy Elliott - "Hurt Sumthin"
Tweet - "Thugman"
Goapele - "Closer"
Fabolous - "Now Ride"
Sean Paul - "Gimme the Light"
Blaque - "I'm Good"
Amerie - "When I Think of You"
Nate Dogg f/ the Roc-A-Fella crew - "Leave Her Alone

Looks like Rodney is going to sign another new artist. The guy is called Al Walser, he appears to be a friend of the Jackson family. I have been on his website and he has a couple of Demo's that feature Jermaine Jackson. There is also a picture of him with Michael Jackson. Al used to be a part of the "Fun Factory" years ago. They were big in Europe. Rodney & him are still in talks so Al cannot reveal that he has signed anything yet, but it looks like it will go ahead. (There is a picture of him with Rodney Jerkins in the photo page)

I have a feeling by listening to one of the clips from Blaque's Torch album that the track called "Hopeless" maybe a Darkchild production. Have a listen to it on Blaque's unofficial, but great website and tell me what you think in the forum. We need to get that place going nobody has posted for ages.

This has not been officially confirmed, but one of the tracks produced by Rodney off Britney Spears new album is said to be "Brave Girl". The album is due out in October.

Go to there are the clips of the tracks Rodney has done for Blaque's up and coming album "Torch". There is also the full version of "I'm good". Check it out!!

Well has finally been updated
(woo hoo), it's in a bit of a mess at the moment I think they are just testing it but I'm sure it will be up and running soon. Just want to thank everyone for visiting my website as a substitute for I hope everyone still visits here. I know I can't keep up to the designs of the official one, but I see my website purely as an information website. So please keep visiting.......Nick

Thanks to Dennis and Justin from the forum's we have discovered some more new Darkchild tracks. First one is Fats featuring Ray J a song called "All Girlz", it has surfaced trough mix tapes. The second track is another track from Blaque's upcoming album Torch called "I'm Good", I am yet to hear this track (I have added them to the discography).

Also go to the yahoo forum and see a new article that Dennis has posted up there. It's an interview talking about his new projects in the films "Honey" & "Baby Mama".

Brandy's is back with a new single "Turn it up" produced by Timbaland with an album to follow called B-Rocka. It is rumoured that the "Turn it up" lyrics are hinting that Rodney can only produce album fillers and not a sure hit, read te first verse and tell me what you think....

"Give me a sour power
I'ma need a sponge roller and some sweet pajamas
Give me some Donnie Simpson
On Video Soul where I got my first attention
'Cause I don't wanna sound familiar
"Want a guaranteed single, not an album filler
 Give me some 90's music
 I want Timbaland on it, I know he can do it" 

Another Darkchild track has surfaced, It's a Fats track featuring Brandy called "Never" go to the links section to check it out.

I have managed to get hold of one of the tracks (Produced by Darkchild) that didn't make the cut for TLC's 3D, the track is called "Who's It Gonna Be", it is also the track that Rodney was recording with them when Lefteye was killed in the car crash and it features her rapping. The song is not unsimilar to "Over Me" with a vague Knock On, Knock Off sound in it. I have added it to the discography section.

As some of you may remember one of Rodney's old friends Mr. Mike Nitty wrote a song dissing him called "F*ck Darkchild" well I have managed to get hold of Rodney's reply. It's more him talking over a beat dissing Mike Nitty telling him he ain't never getting a record deal because he tries too hard to be Snoop. I have also got a copy of a reply to Darkchild's diss by Mike Nitty again called "F*ck you up" saying pretty much the same thing as "F*ck Darkchild".

I also think that Fats has turned on Rodney as I have got hold of a track with Fats dissing him he says "F*ck What Rodney say, yo he's a mess" & "Darkchild, no we don't f*ck around with losers, I know you love your mother don't f*ck around and lose her. Bag a b*tch in ya family, f*ck around and screw her, found out where she live then I'll f*ck around and shoot her". Not sure exactly what's gone on there, will keep you posted.

Go to the Links section, you can listen to Dream's new tracks produced by Rodney Jerkins. "Hard To Stop" is a Darkchild production and it is banging (Classic Darkchild!) and "That's Ok" is rumoured to be a Rodney production, but cannot confirm yet.

I have been informed that Rodney Jerkins will be making his acting debut in a film called "Honey", he has wrote and produced all the tracks for the movie so look forward to the soundtrack coming out. It is going to be directed by "Billie Woodruff" (Music video producer for some of the best R&B video's). I can confirm 2 tracks from the album both by Shawn Desman and they are "Like Honey" & "Sexy". I have checked out Shawn Desman's album and he has some hot tracks. Similar voice to Babyface.

In other news another new track produced by Rodney is Outlawz - Baby Mama.

I have also been told that Nivea's track "Jewelry" from her album is a Darkchild production, I haven't got the album so I can't tell it certainly sounds like one, if anyone has the credits please E-mail me to confirm (My E-mail address is in the contact page).

We all know that "A LOT" of tracks were recorded for Michael Jackson's "Invincible" album and we know Rodney did most of them....Well I've got some of the titles and credits for you (I doubt these tracks will ever surface with it been Michael Jackson:

Kick It (M. Jackson, R. Jerkins, F. Jerkins, L. Daniels, N.Gregg)

Cheater (M.Jackson, F. Jerkins, R.Jerkins, Fats)

Chicago 1945 (M.Jackson, R.Jerkins, F.Jerkins, N.Gregg)

Maybe We Can Do It (M. Jackson, P.Diddy, R. Jerkins)

Get Around (R.Jerkins, F. Jerkins, L.S. Daniels, M.Jackson)

I have also heard that Brandy's "It's Not Worth It" was originally recorded by Micheal Jackson, but decided it didn't suit the album so when Brandy excepted it they just used the vocals from that session.
Also...........this is just a rumour, but apparrently Robert "Big Bert" Smith and Brandy are in a feud with Rodney Jerkins, it is unclear why at the moment. Brandy will not be using Rodney for the next project as she is working mainly with Robert Smith & Timbaland. In an interview Timbaland had this to say about the project "I gave her a whole new style," Timbaland tells "She's not the Moesha Brandy that you're all used to. She's talking about people, she's lashing back. She talks about Rodney. She talks about people in her business, her lifestyle, just not knowing the truth about her."

I don't know what has happened between them, let's hope we can figure it out through the lyrics of her new tracks. Finally in case you didn't know Brandy & Robert have split up, but will continue to work together & raise there daughter.

I've been told that I am missing a few tracks off the discography section, here they are:

Dru Hill Featuring Mike Nitty - War Soldier

Crystal Sierra - I Try (Freddie Production)

I have been informed of a track that has been missed in the discography section it is a song called "Just Leave" by an artist called Doni. I am told it used the "Knock on, Knock Off" beat, if anyone has a copy let me know.

I have finally managed to get hold of Fats debut record "Stand up". The track is very Hip Hop and Fats rhyming is outstanding. If anyone wants a copy of it E-mail me and I will be happy to send it to you. My contact details are in the contact page.

Tiffany Featuring Raekwon - Rewind The Time (This track is hot it has an asian feel to it not unsimilar to Truth Hurts Addictive doesn't sound like Darkchild too much but worth a listen there is a link to it in the link section)
Lloyd - She Wants To Be With Me (This track is banging its very focused on the beats this very obviously a Darkchild track)

Lloyd - Trance (This track is a little different for Darkchild a lot more hip hop than his other tracks)

Blaque - Blaque Out (Not really much to say about this one, it's quite non descript & very forgettable. I think this is one of the tracks that Rodney just revamped from the "Blaque out" album that never got released, it doesn't sound like any of the Dark child team wrote it.)

Blaque - Fall Back (Yet to hear this track)