The Darkchild Discography

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1 Accord - Don't Stop Don't Quit

1 Accord - Don't Wanna To Be Alone

1 Accord - Rivers

1 Accord - Shorty Girl

2D Extreme Feat_Cormega - You Got me goin'

360 (Formerly 3rd Storee) - Spinning Like My 20s

3rd Storee - Get With Me

3rd Storee - Honey

A+ - All I See

Aaliyah - Everythings gonna be alright

Aaliyah - One in a million (Remix)

Alexis Aargont -  It's all a Shame

Alicia Keys - Rear view mirror

Alicia Keys - Little Drummer Girl

Alysha Antonino - Dreams

Amari - Funk u up

Amari - I like it

Amerie - When I Think Of You

Andrea Martin - Let me return the favour

Anesha Burchett Feat_Mase - Get Ready

Another level - What u know about me

Ashley Ballard - All I ever

Ashley Ballard - Don't get lost in the crowd

Ashley Ballard - It was you

Ashley Ballard - No matter what

Ashley Ballard - Why

Asia Lee - Wishing You Were Here

Athena Cage - All I Need Is Me

Atiba - Anything

Atiba - Dappa Don

Atiba Feat_Frankie & Rodney Jerkins - Flossin

Atiba - Irene

Atiba - Say You Love Me

Atiba - Sound Bway Burriel

Atiba - Talk To Me

Avant - Grown Man

B5 - All I Do

B5 - So Pretty

B2K - I Bet

Backstreet Boys - If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Drum Programming)

Backstreet Boys - More Than That (Darkchild Remix)

Backstreet Boys - Shining star

Bad Lucc Feat_Heat & Kobe - Watch That Girl

Beverly - So into you

Beverly - You came along

Blackstreet - Confused

Blaque - Blaque Out

Blaque - Fall Back

Blaque - Hopeless

Blaque - Im Good

Brandy - All In Me

Brandy - Almost Doesn't Count

Brandy - Angel In Disguise

Brandy - Anybody

Brandy - Can We

Brandy - Come A Little Bit Closer

Brandy - Happy

Brandy - I Thought

Brandy - I Wanna Fall In Love

Brandy - It's Not Worth It

Brandy - Learn The Hard Way

Brandy - Like This

Brandy - Love Wouldn't Count Me Out

Brandy - Never Say Never

Brandy - Nothing

Brandy - Put That On Everything

Brandy - The Boy Is Mine

Brandy - Tomorrow

Brandy - Top Of The World

Brandy Feat. Big Pun -Top Of The World (Remix)

Brandy - Truthfully

Brandy - U Don't Know Me

Brandy Feat. Shaunta & Da Brat - U Don't Know Me

Brandy - What About Us

Brandy - When You Touch Me

Brian McKnight - Played yourself

Brian McKnight - Stay or let it go

Brian McKnight Feat_Cap-One - Stay or let it go (Darkchild Remix)

Britney Spears - (I can't get no) Satisfaction

Britney Spears - I love rock & roll

Britney Spears - Intimidated

Britney Spears - Let me be

Britney Spears - Lonely

Britney Spears - Oops..I Did It Again (Rodney Jerkins Remix)

Britney Spears - Overprotected (Remix)

Brownstone - Lets get started

Brownstone - Love me like you do

Brownstone - 5 Miles to Empty (Darkchild)

Canela - Everything

Canela - Everything (Darkchild Remix)

Canela - Friend Of Mine

Canela - Love Lust Crime

Canela - Outta Here

Canela I Cant Let Go

Canela - Play Your Games

Canela - Trust me

Casserine - If Youre Ready

Casserine - Unconditional Love

Chante Moore - If i gave love

Chante Moore - I've got the love

Chilli Feat_Santana - Wishful Thinking

Cher - Different Kind Of Love Song (Remix)

Cleopatra - I want you back (Darkchild Remix)

Coko - All my loving

Coko - Don't take your love away

Coko - I ain't feeling you

Coko - Sunshine

Coko - You & Me

Color Me Badd - All The Way

Cory Gunz - Shake

Christina Milian - Get Loose

Crystal Sierra Feat. Styles Skillz - Playa no more (Darkchild Remix)

Crystal Sierra- I Try

Crystal Sierra - Playa no more

Crystal Sierra -  Promises

Dame Lee - Rock Rock, Bounce Bounce

Damon - Back Off The Wall

Darwin Hobbs - Let Him In

Dawkins & Dawkins - Focus

Dawkins & Dawkins - Need to know

Dawkins & Dawkins - Wrapped Up

Dawkins & Dawkins - Wonder Why (Co-wrote)

Debelah Morgan - I Remember (Remix)

Debelah Morgan Yesterday (Remix)

Deborah Cox - I Never Knew

Deborah Cox - Just when I think Im over you

Deborah Cox - Like I did

Delisha Thomas - Darkchild

Destinys Child - Cater 2 U

Destinys Child - Feel The Same Way I Do

Destinys Child - Girl Like Me

Destinys Child - Gots My Own

Destinys Child - Have it your way

Destinys Child - Lose My Breath

Destinys child - Say my name

Doni -  Just Leave

Donni McClurkin- I Do I Do (FJ Remix)

Drawz - U Da 1

Dream - Hard To Stop

D Ruggz - Im Hot

Dru Hill Feat_Mike Nitty - War Soldier

Enrique Iglesias - Sad eyes (Remix)

Fantasia - Its All Good

Fats Feat_Ray J - All Girlz

Fats - I See You

Fats - Maria (Co-produced)

Fats Feat_Brandy - Neva Be

Fats - On The Wall

Fats - Us Against The World

Fats - Say My Name

Fats - Stand Up

Fats - Make You Dance

Fats - Whats My Name

Forbidden - Never Again

Forbidden - Second To None

Forbidden - Shake

Forbidden - The Way U Move

Formula 1 - Ghetto Desperado

George Huff - Brighter Day

George Huff - Real Love

Gina Thompson - Angel

Gina Thompson - Can't go another minute

Gina Thompson - Can't Help myself

Gina Thompson - I can't wait

Gina Thompson - Nobody Does it better

Gina Thompson - Put me on

Gina Thompson - Strung out

Gina Thompson - The things you do

Gina Thompson - Without you

Ginuwine - Hot

Gloria Velez - Free Style

Guerilla Black - Trixx

Hodge - Headnod

Hoku - Just Enough

Horace Brown -  Nuthin but a party

Horace Brown - Taste Your Love

Horace Brown - Smile

Immature - Can't you see

Immature - I can't wait

Immature - Where do we go

Intro - Stung Out On Your Loving

J'son - I should cheat on you

J'son - The one your gonna love

Jadakiss Feat_Sheek - J-A-D-A

Jason Weaver - stay with me

Jason Weaver - Stay With me (Remix)

Jay Mathis - All Around The World

Jay Mathis -  I Want You

Jay Mathis - Left Overs

Jay Mathis - There With You

Jennifer Lopez - Dame

Jennifer Lopez - If you had my love

Jennifer Lopez - I Got You

Jennifer Lopez - It's not that serious

Jennifer Lopez - Step Into My World

Jennifer Lopez - That's the way

Jennifer Lopez - This Cant Be Love

Jesse Powell - You (Darkchild Remix)

Jesse Powell - After we make love

Jesse Powell - Are you missing my love

Jesse Powell - She wasnt last night

Jesse Powell - Up & Down

Jessica Simpson - I never

Jessica Simpson - Imagination

Joe - Don't wanna be a player

Joe - You tha man

John P. Kee Feat_Lil Rufus - Dancin

Josh Keaton - So sorry

Joy Enriquez - Between u & me

Joy Enriquez - I can't believe

Joy Enriquez - I don't want you

Joy Jerkins - Been So Good

Joy Jerkins - Get To Know Him

Joy Jerkins - In The Moment

Joy Jerkins Feat_Mase - It's So Funny

Joy Jerkins - Irreplacable You

J-Quest Feat Gina Thompson - Come Give It

J-Quest - The Quest is on

Juice - Into My Bed (Co Wrote)

Kandice Love - No

K-Ball - Love matters

K-Ball - On the Weekend

K-Ball - Everything's Alright

K Young - All I Do 

K Young - Always There

K Young - Body Talk

K Young Feat_Lil Zal - Ballinest Player

K Young - Get Up

K Young - Holla

K Young - Its Over

K Young - Not About You

K Young - Missing You

K Young - Ooh Wee

K Young - Over

K Young - My Girl

K Young - Work It Out

KC & Jojo - It's me

Keith Sweat - I put you on (feat. Da brat)

Keith Washington - Bring it on (Darkchild Remix)

Keith Washington - I warned you

Keith Washington - Tell me (Are you with it)

Keith Washington - You let me down

Kelcey - Beautiful

Kelcey - Dance Through Me

Kelcey - First Things First

Kelcey - Hard To Believe

Kelcey - Lord You Are

Kelcey - Paradise

Kelcey - Pray

Kelcey - You Think Of Me

Kenny Lattimore - Days like this remix

Kierra Sheard - You Dont Know

Kirk Franklin - Lovely Day (Darkchild Remix)

Kirk Franklin - Revolution

Latasha -Who Needs You

Latasha - Ride With You

Laurnea - Can't Let go

Laurnea - Cant Let Go (Darkchild Remix)

Lil Eddie - Shes Got It

Lil iRocc Feat_Delisha Thomas - IOU

Lil iRocc- We Get

Lil Zal - My Block

Lindsay Lohan - Extraordinary

Lionel Richie - Tonite

Lionel Richie - Wasted Time

Lloyd - She Wants To Be With Me

Lloyd - Trance

Luther Vandross- Nights In Harlem (Remix)

Marc Anthony - She's been good to me

Mariah Carey - So Lonely (One & Only Part 2)

Mark Morrison - Backstabbers (Remix)

Mary J Blige feat. Fats & Rodney Jerkins - Everything (Darkchild Remix)

Mary J. Blige -  Share my world

Mary J. Blige - A dream

Mary J. Blige - Cant get you off my mind

Mary J Blige - Enough Crying

Mary J. Blige - I can love you

Mary J Blige - Searchin'

Mary J. Blige - Thank you lord

Mary J. Blige - 7 Days (Remix)

Mary Mary Feat. Rodney Jerkins & Fats - He Said

Mary Mary - I sings remix

Maxee - When i look into your eyes

Mel B - Tell me

Melanie B - Lullaby

Men of Vizion feat. Missy Elliott - Do thangz (Darchild Remix)

Men of Vizion feat. Mr Cheeks - Do you feel me (Freak you)

Men Of Vizion - If I Told You

Men Of Vizion - Instant Love (Co Produced)

Michael Jackson - Chicago 145

Michael Jackson - Get Around

Michael Jackson - Heartbreaker

Michael Jackson - Invincible

Michael Jackson - Kick It

Michael Jackson - Maybe We Can Do It

Michael Jackson - Pressure

Michael Jackson - Privacy

Michael Jackson - The Pain

Michael Jackson - Threatened

Michael Jackson - Unbreakable

Michael Jackson - You Rock My World

Michael Jackson - We've Had Enough

Monica - Ain't gonna cry no more

Monica - All eyez on me

Monica - Angel Of Mine

Monica - Down 4 Whatever

MQ3 - Everyday

Mya - That's why i wanna fight

Nas f. Ginuwine and Darkchild - You Owe Me (Flash Remix)

Natalie Wilson & SOP - Act like you know

Natalie Wilson & SOP -Good Life

New Edition & Az Yet - Something About You (Darkchild Remix)

Nichelle - The Man

Nichelle - You Must Give Way

No Authority - Don't Stop

No Authority - Girlfriend

No Authority - If You Want Me

No Authority - I Like It

No Authority - Never Let You Go

No Authority - One More Time

No Authority - Please Don't Break My Heart

No Authority - She Drives Me Crazy

No Authority - Up & Down

No Authority - Why

Nsync - Celebrity

Omar Chandler - I know what's on your mind

Omar Chandler - Let's settle down

Omar Chandler - Guess Who's back

Omarion - Drop That Heater

Outlawz - Baby Mama

Patti Labelle - All This Love (Remix)

Plus One - Soul Tattoo

Pain - Pain

Pain - Pain Is Pleasure

Pain - When We Came Through

Papa San - Can't flee from your presence

Papa San - Stay Far

Prymary Colorz - If you only knew

Prymary Colorz - I'll Never Give Up

Pure Soul - Something Bout The Way That You Do (Co Wrote)

Ray J - Anytime (Co Produced)

Ray J - Crazy

Ray J - I Don't Need You

Ray J - Keep Sweatin

Ray J - Keep Ya head up

Ray J - Lets Play House

Ray J - One Wish

Ray J - This ain't a game

Ray J - You need it (you don't)

Ray J - Thats why I lie

Ray J - What I Need

Rhona - I wanna know what love is

Rhona - I Will

Rhona - Last Goodbye

Rhona - Look To The Sky

Rhona - Miss The Way

Rhona - Satisfied

Rhona -Satisfied (Another Darkchild Remix)

Rhona - Take What Comes To You

Rhona - The First Time

Rhona - The Meaning Of Love

Rhona - Time Will Tell

Rodney Jerkins - Do I Look Like Im Crazy

Rodney Jerkins - Fire

Rodney Jerkins - Let it go

Rodney Jerkins -Licky Lah

Rodney Jerkins - RJ Go Go Music

Rodney Jerkins - Shake It For Me (From Versatility)

Rodney Jerkins - Shockwave (From Versatility)

Rodney Jerkins - Wake Up Call (From Versatility)

Scene 23: He Said, She Said (Co-Wrote)

Shamari Fears - NJ 2

Shamari Fears - The One

Shaquille O'Neal feat. Peter Gunz - Can I Play?

Shawn Desman - Sexy

Shola Ama - Can't have you

Shola Ama - Imagine

Shorty 101 - Get with me

Shorty 101 - Girlfriend

Shorty 101 - Happens Everytime

Shorty 101 - Hotter

Shorty 101 - Who Do You Think

Shorty 101 Your Gone

Skindeep - Everybody (Check the Ryme)

Simone Hines - Yeah, yeah, yeah

So Plush - Ain't My Fault

So Plush - Fire Burns

So Plush - Hating On Me

So Plush - He Loves Me

So Plush - LA LA

So Plush - More Than Life To Me

So Plush - No One Else

So Plush - Not a real man

So Plush - The Fact You Lied

So Plush - Things I Heard Before

So Plush - Time is Up

So Plush - What U Do 2 Me

So Plush - Yes

So Plush - You Don't Know Me (I don't know you)

So Plush & Da Brat - Broke The Rules

So Plush & Ja Rule - Damn (Should've treated you right)

Spice Girls - Get down with me

Spice girls - Let love lead the way

Spice girls - Tell me why

Spice Girls - Holler

Spice Girls - Right Back At Ya

Spice Girls - Time Goes by

Spice Girls - Wasting my time

Spice Girls - Weekend Love

Spinderella - Married To The Mob

Sunday - Believe

Talent - Every which way (feat. Vegas cats)

Talent - Breakin' Up

Tank - No One But Me

Tasha Holiday - Just The Way You Like It (Darkchild Remix)

Tatyana Ali - Daydreaming

Tatyana Ali - Yeah Right

Tatyana Ali - Yesterday

Taylor Dayne - Right Now

T BoneFeat_Lashawn Daniels - Can I Live

T Bone - Follow T

Tevin Campbell feat. Lil' Cease - Another Way (Darkchild Remix)

Ta-Gana - Saturday night

Teairra Mari - Stay In Ya Lane

Tiffany Feat_Raekwon  - Rewind The Time

TLC - Turntable

TLC - Over Me

TLC - Hey Hey Hey Hey

TLC - Whos It Gonna Be

Toni Braxton - He wasnt man enough

Toni Braxton - He Wasnt Man Enough (Darkchild Extended Remix)

Toni Braxton - He Wasnt Man Enough (Darkchild Bootleg Remix)

Toni Braxton - Whatchu need

Toni Braxton - Do you remember when

Toni Rich Project - Like A Woman (Remix)

Total - No One Else

Tra Knox - Will you be there

Trin-I-tee - Dance Like Sunday

Tra Knox - Will you be there

Trin-I-tee - I Promise You

Trin-i-tee - Imagine that

Trin-I-tee - The Day you came

Trin-i-tee - You were there

Tweet - Hypnotic

Twice ft Mike Nitty and Craig Mack - sparkle

Twista Feat_Mariah Carey - So Lonely

Tyra Banks - Shake Your Body

Tyrese - Always Be Happy

Tyrese - I ain't the one

Tyrese - Sweet lady (Remix)

Uncle Sam - Baby you are (Darkchild Remix)

Utada Hikaru - Time limit

Valerie George - I'll Be Around

Vanessa Williams - Happiness (Remix)

Various Artists - We Are Family

Veronica - A love to come home to

Veronica - Can't stop loving you

Veronica - What I wanna Do

Veronica - Without Love

Virtue - He's Been Good (Remix)

Whitney Houston - Get it back

Whitney Houston - I bow out

Whitney Houston - If I told you that

Whitney Houston - It's not right, but it's ok

Whitney Houston - It's not right, but it's ok (Rodney Jerkins Smooth Mix)

Willa Ford - Did Ya Understand That

Will Smith - Just the two of us remix

Will Smith - Who am I (feat. Tatyana Ali and MC Lyte)

Winans Phase 2 - It's alright (Send me)

Winans Phase 2 - Real Love

Winans Phase 2 - Thank u lord

Woody Rock - Testimony

Wreck n Effect - Sucka Mc

Yolanda Adams -I Beleive

Young Dre - Choose Me