Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins

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  My Favorite Links:

Welcome to my links page. I have found all these from searching on the internet there is some good ones so check them out.

Darkchild Forum


Ray J - Here is a link to Ray J's "Keep Sweatin'"

Ray J

- Here is a link to Ray J's "One Wish".

Taylor Dayne - Here is a link to Taylor Dayne's "Right Now".

Dame Lee - Listen to a 30 second clip of the Darkchild produced track by Dame Lee on the Scary Movie 3 soundtrack "Rock Rock, Bounce Bounce".

Yahoo Group

- Please go to this link and sign up for the Yahoo group it has a message forum to keep in contact with the rest of the fans, there is also a section to upload & download tracks.


Check out the latest new on "Honey", there is an audio player with some new Rodney Jerkins productions.

Shawn Desman - Check out Shawn Desman's "Sexy" here.

Kelcey Tracks Here is a link to Kelcey's site, the first signing to Freddie Jerkins Label "Darkchild Gospel"

TLC Track Go the the Media section then click on video and there is a program about TLC, about 8 minutes into it, it shows you them in the recording studio with Rodney Jerkins working on a song that didn't make the cut for 3D.

Anthology's Website

Link to Rodney's producer Anthology's website.

Kierra Sheard

Here is a link to Kierra Sheard's website where you can listen to her Rodney Jerkins produced "You Don't Know".

Gloria Velez's Site