Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins

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Jay Mathis
Used to be one of Darkchild's artists, you can listen to a clip of one of his songs in the links section.
Rhona Bennett was the first solo artist that Rodney signed, her album never got an official release, she is now a member of En Vogue. the album is available for download.
So Plush
So Plush were the first group Rodney ever signed, rumour has it that So Plush left the label as they were not giving them enough promotion and focusing more on people like 3LW. Rhonda is no longer with the group.
Fats has been with Darkchild for some years now, but never had a release. The first track he was on was Another Level's "What you know about me", he also appeared twice on Michael Jackson's album. His debut record is called "Stand up" wth guest rapper Freeway.
K Young
K Young is one of Darkchild's artists that is yet to be released.
  Lil' Zal
Lil' Zal is Darkchild's newest artist, he is currently in the studio with him. He is also due to appear on one of K Young's tracks as well.
Pain is another one of Darkchild's artists that is yet to be released
Lloyd (A Former member of N-toon) has finished some tracks with Rodney which was due out last year, but think he was dropped. He is now signed to "The Inc".
Rodney Jerkins
Rodney with one of his many awards.
  Rodney Jerkins
Rodney jerkins
Rodney Jerkins interview on Lil' Zal
  Josh Keaton
Rodney with Josh Keaton, we are still waiting to hear the full version of "So Sorry"

Joy Enriquez

Joy is the wife Rodney Jerkins who was signed to Laface for a while, Rodney has also produced for her.

Rodney & Fats   Gloria is a new female rapper who was signed to the Darkchild / Cash Money imprint.
Rodney & Avant  
Rodney Jerkins & Bad Boy artist Marion Winans   Kelcey is signed to Fred Jerkins label Darkchild Gospel
Be Be Winans, Rodney Jerkins, Joy Enriquez & Yolanda Adams                                     Rodney & Joy on their wedding day
                                                       Mike Nitty - Used to be a collaborator with Rodney until they fell out.